Expandable Container on four twisted locks

Meet the Expandable Container

Space is at a premium. You need space to properly show your business and what you do. You need space to work on-site and make sure you have all the right tools at your disposal. Or maybe you just want the space for hospitality.

Whatever it is, you are at the mercy of sub-par solutions the market has to offer. It’s time to create your own space. Take matters into your own hands. Go Expandable.



One container, three flavors  

The Expandable container comes in three sizes: 25 feet, 30 feet, or 44 feet in length. When fully expanded, the number of square meters more than doubles. Within a mere 20 minutes, it turns from a cargo hold into a full-fledged room. 

Mobility and customizability – reimagined  

Imagine a customizable space, specifically crafted for your needs. Maybe you want to showcase your products, get in touch with customers and prospects, or serve delicious meals or drinks. The only problem is mobility – how will you get this carefully crafted experience anywhere? It used to be that you either had to facilitate this at your location, or you had to settle for a temporary external solution with all ensuing annoyances. Mobility and customizability usually don’t go together. Our products are the exception to that rule. It’s time to meet the Expandable Container. 

Customize your own Expandable


Being able to use it as cargo space during transportation gives our container a unique value proposition. No longer do you need one truck for cargo and one for your presentation unit; now you can have both all at once. Double the amount of value for your roadshow while cutting costs at least in half! 

The power of the Expandable container lies in this dual function, but also in its high degree of mobility, customizability, and the fact that it is not bound to one particular vehicle. Getting it from a to b will be a breeze. 


Easy setup 


Short delivery time 

The Expandable container is at the zenith where mobility and customizability collide. No longer is your carefully composed furnished experience bound to its location just because it happens to be between four concrete walls. It allows you to go wherever you need to go. Truly, this is the definition of a movable space. 

  •         Setup in 15 minutes by a single person
  •         Four hydraulic legs and remote control for setup
  •         Twist locks and lashing traps for safe transportation
  •         More than double the square meters when expanded
  •         Available in three sizes: 25, 30, and 44 feet
  •         Usable as cargo space during transport

Not being bound to any one vehicle, the container opens up options for visiting fairs, hosting events, roadshows, or product demonstrations. Show the world the best your company has to offer. 




Setting up your container 

The Expandable container can be set up by a single person in just 15 minutes. All you need to do is follow this six-step procedure to set up the Expandable container. You don’t need anything else: just your trailer, our container, and one human being to control the process. 

Step 1

Park your trailer at a secure location and deploy the container on stable ground.

Step 2

Lift the container with its four wirelessly controlled hydraulic cylinders.

Step 3

When the container is completely free, drive the trailer out from under it.

Step 4

Lower the container onto the ground using the hydraulic cylinders, which double as an automatic leveling mechanism. 

Step 5

Turn the collapsible cylinders 90 degrees and slide them under the container. 

Step 6

Using the remote controller, expand the longitudinal sides and their respective floor panels. 

The route to your first Expandable

The Expandable container is the pinnacle of movability and customizability – the most user-friendly solution on the market. Being fully customizable, Expandable containers are not limited by options but just by the boundaries of your imagination. We offer the tools – it’s up to you how you use them. Interested to find out more about our unique movable spaces? Or would you like a demonstration of our Expandables? You are welcome to visit our facility.

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