Mobile Pop Up Store

Retail Innovation at Your Fingertips
A black mobile pop-up store trailer with large glass windows and "TRICORP WORKWEAR" branding on its side. A man in a hi-vis vest and workwear walks by, indicating active use. The trailer is parked in an industrial area by a building marked "B1".

Step into the future of retail with our Mobile Pop-Up Store, designed to give your brand a unique presence and direct customer engagement. This movable retail space allows you to transcend traditional boundaries and create an impactful shopping experience anywhere.

Inside a mobile pop-up store, customers and staff interact among racks of workwear and a central fitting area. The interior is modern, with a sleek design, illuminated by strip lighting, and large windows allowing for natural light.

Showcase Your Brand Anywhere

Expand your retail horizons with our custom-branded Mobile Pop-Up Stores, versatile enough to adapt to any event or location. Their expansive interiors are perfect for showcasing products in a unique environment, instantly catching the eye of potential customers. With the flexibility to test new markets or sell surplus stock, these stores are proven to boost profits and brand recognition. Check out our Event Trailers for more dynamic event solutions.

A man is opening the door to a black mobile pop-up store with bold "TRICORP WORKWEAR" branding on the side panels. The store is located in an industrial area with a blue building in the background.

Seamless Shopping Experiences Everywhere

Embrace the power of mobility with our Expandable Mobile Pop-Up Stores. Whether it’s a busy street corner, a bustling event, or even an airport, these stores can go wherever your customers are. By cutting down on the costs and commitments of traditional retail spaces, our pop-up stores offer an innovative way to engage with consumers and expand your brand's footprint.

Mobile trailer, mobile pop up store

Mobile pop-up store trailers come in various sizes and shapes, and they're perfect for personalized branding, meeting all your business requirements. Our specially designed mobile pop-up store trailer is versatile and suitable for any project, ideal for a fitting places for new clothes. Check out our references to see how other businesses have used Expandable pop-up stores.

Take your retail strategy to the next level with Expandable's Mobile Pop-Up Stores. Our innovative designs, rooted in affordability and customization, provide the perfect platform to connect with customers and grow your business. With rapid deployment capabilities and ease of movement, these pop-up stores are more than just retail spaces; they are transformative experiences for your brand and customers alike. Opt for our cost-effective solutions that come with a promise of quality and quick delivery times, ensuring that your business stays ahead of the curve.

Interested in expanding your retail landscape? Our Expandable solutions offer limitless possibilities. Contact us to find out how our trailers can serve your brand, and let us help you design a Mobile Pop-Up Store that will captivate and engage your audience wherever you go.

Our movable spaces feature:

  1. Loading Capacity of 165m³ (similar to conventional trailers): They can hold a lot, just like regular trailers.
  2. Flat Surface Walking Area of 65m²: There's a spacious area for catering equipment and decorations.
  3. Modular Wall Panels for Customization: You can change the layout to fit your needs.
  4. Speedy and Convenient Setup: They're easy to set up quickly.

Plus, our movable spaces cost only half as much as those offered by competitors in the catering and trailer industry!

In a dynamic collaboration between Xtreme Concepts Roadshows and the visionary expertise of Serge Blommaert, an extraordinary roadshow experience has been crafted to showcase the unparalleled talent of global superstar Rihanna.

So let's talk business!

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