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Do you have any questions about Expandable products and how to use them? We've compiled the questions we get asked the most and answered them. If your question isn't on here, please reach out.

Our new Expandable Touchdown trailer features an innovative design for a roof terrace, complete with an integrated staircase. This addition maximizes the usable space, offering a unique and elevated experience.

Absolutely, our movable spaces are designed to accommodate solar panels on the roof. Depending on the surface area and the type of panels used, you can harness up to 4 kW of solar power under ideal conditions, enhancing the eco-friendliness and energy efficiency of our units.

Our glass panels, certified for automotive industry use, exemplify durability and safety. The chassis of our units is designed to provide maximum protection to the glass, minimizing the risk of breakage. This advanced design ensures the integrity and longevity of the glass components in our Expandable movable spaces.

Yes, our Expandable Trailers can be interconnected. However, it's important to consider the right configuration for seamless connectivity, offering expanded and unified spaces.

Certainly! Our commitment to inclusivity means we offer options like an electric platform lift or a sloped ramp, ensuring our Expandable trailers are accessible to everyone.

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