With a total length of 13.6 meters and a flat surface area of 62 m², the Expandable trailer makes you forget you are in a mobile space.

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Compact and usable at virtually any location. Once set up, the container has a flat surface area of 32 m². It will lower itself to floor level by means of the four hydraulic support legs.

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The ultimate combination of container and trailer. The Expandable Hybrid can easily be transported by a standard low-deck truck. Once set up, the trailer has a floor height of 35 cm.

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Dolly Trailer

The dolly trailer is our top range Expandable product. The perfect mix of space, loading capacity, and the ultimate access possibilities. 

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Hooklift Container

This Expandable Container is specially designed to be transported by means of a hook lift truck. The container can be easily picked-up and dropped-off with high accuracy. 

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Container Chassis

The ECC is our multifunctional trailer that is able to move various containers of 25ft, 30ft and 44ft. Equipped with 3 remote-controlled steering axles, this trailer can position our containers in the most challenging spots.

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Expandable is an innovative manufacturer of trailers and containers.

We manufacture affordable and efficient trailers and containers for a large variety of target groups.

About us

The Mission of Expandable Healthcare:

Making healthcare accessible to everyone around the world”

Mobile trailers allow hospitals, clinics, and other companies in the healthcare industry to provide their services and equipment on-site. These vehicles can access communities, both in urban and rural areas, and provide medical services at the heart of peoples’ working- and living environments.

mobile medical CT Imaging room

In partnership with Expandable Healthcare we manufacture innovative mobile, relocatable and containerized healthcare solutions. Expandable Healthcare implements its healthcare solutions globally and has a very extended product portfolio to serve an even wider range of customers. From an NGO, OEM’s like GE, Philips and Siemens to an imaging service provider, Expandable Healthcare has a solution that is fit for purpose.

mobile medical CT Imaging room

Manufacturer of expandable trailers and containers

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