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Expandable Hybrid

Flexibility with a safe low step

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Expandable Trailer

Lots of space in a flexible package

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Expandable Container

One container, three flavors, endless possibilities

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Expandable Container 25ft


Our operation centers around key core values. The first is movability. We design each unit with a focus on expandability and easy relocation. This is seen in our modern, transportable expandable trailer, designed for effortless customization.

expandable retail trailer
expandable container tennisbaas

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Ease of use is also central to our approach. We manufacture easy-to-set-up movable spaces, requiring no technical expertise, thanks to user-friendly systems. We also prioritize affordability, using serially manufactured components to keep costs low, ensuring excellent value for money.

Finally, we believe in efficiency and customizability. We guarantee short delivery times due to efficient material use, and our products are inherently expandable. We also value customizability, ensuring that each product is tailored to perfectly meet your unique needs.

expandable office trailer

We are a supplier of transportation equipment

We provide the affordable and spacious expandable trailers you've always wanted

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