Race Trailer

Speed, style, and efficiency in one dynamic winning package

In every race there is the need for efficiency, flexibility, and a strong brand presence. Expandable's race trailers are designed to meet these racing demands, with a slightly different approach than others. Our trailers are easy to set up, fit on various trucks, and look great. They are not just for transport, but they also make a statement. With a spacious interior that can be customised to your needs, these trailers are game changing in the racing industry, offering unprecedented advantages at an unbeatable price.

A mobile hospitality trailer at an outdoor racing event, with a rally car on display in front, showcasing the trailer's capability for on-site event support

Race trailers for racing on and off track

Expandable Movable Space’s race trailers have a multi-functional and innovative design, offering much more than you can see. It combines transport capabilities with hospitality and the best functionalities, creating a comprehensive solution for all racing-related needs, for all racers. Our trailers and accessories are ideal for all teams, guests and sponsors alike. They provide a comfortable and functional space that adapts to various requirements. Whether you are looking for a mobile headquarters at the race track or a hospitality suite for your sponsors, this trailer's compact designs have an extensive capacity to meet the multifarious demands of the racing world.

Interior of a mobile hospitality trailer designed for racing events, featuring tables with black tops and green accents, with a large monochrome image of a racetrack on the wall.

Comfort race time with a race trailer

Racing environments can be harsh and unpredictable, but we have products that are both durable and comfortable. Expandable Movable Space’s race trailers meet these challenges head-on with its robust construction and weather-resistant features. The air-conditioned interior ensure a comfortable and stable climate, regardless of external weather conditions.

This makes Expandable Trailers a reliable and secure choice for transporting sensitive racing equipment and supplies. We are ensuring everything, from high-value vehicles to essential tools remains protected. It's this combination of durability and comfort that makes the race trailer an indispensable asset in the demanding world of racing. We deliver for racing teams worldwide.

Ready, set, go with Expandable Trailers

Are you ready to change your race experience? Everyone in the racing business will tell you that the race itself is a piece of a larger puzzle. A large piece but not one that can exist without the others. For these reasons you really need an Expandable Trailer:

  • Inviting to guests, your team, and your drivers
  • Transport to and from the race event
  • Workshop for maintenance and repairs
  • An eye-catching solution sponsors wouldn't mind being featured on

The best race trailer combines all of this into one compact, all-in-one solution. This best solution will be delivered to you by our specialists. Take a look at our 3D-configurator and discover all available options. Contact us to explore our Custom Motorcross Trailers and find the optimal transport solution for your needs. We also offer other options, like a motorcycle Trailer and Sports Trailer. With Expandable Trailers, you're choosing a blend of style, function, and flexibility that truly redefines the journey.

What to look for in a race trailer

When selecting a race trailer, it’s essential to consider the specific needs of your team. Key factors are for example the trailer's size and capacity to accommodate all necessary equipment and personnel comfortably. Look in our solutions for advanced features such as integrated workshops, hospitality areas, and climate control to ensure optimal functionality. Additionally, the ease of setup and the trailer's adaptability to different environments impact efficiency and convenience. A well-designed trailer should also provide ample branding opportunities to enhance visibility and engagement with sponsors and fans​.

Beyond these primary considerations, the materials and build quality of the trailer are crucial for durability and long-term use. We ensure that the trailer is constructed from high-grade materials that can withstand the rigours of various weather conditions. Safety features such as reliable braking systems, secure locking mechanisms, and robust suspension systems are also important to protect both the vehicle and its contents.

Investing in a high-quality, versatile race trailer can provide long-term savings and benefits, making it a valuable asset for any racing team. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can select a race trailer that meet your team’s needs and supports your competitive edge on and off the track.

Security and protection offered by race trailers

Security is paramount in racing, where high-value equipment and vehicles need to be safeguarded. Expandable race trailers offer robust security features, including advanced locking systems, surveillance cameras, and secure storage compartments. These trailers are designed to protect your assets, not only during transit but also when parked at the racing venue, providing peace of mind. Your equipment is safe from theft or damage. Additionally, the durable construction of these trailers ensures they also work in harsh weather conditions, further safeguarding your investments​. We understand that the security and protection of your systems is very important, so ask us your questions if you have any.

Designing the interior of a race trailer

The interior design of a race trailer plays a crucial role in functionality and comfort. Customizable layouts allow teams to create dedicated spaces for workshops, storage, and hospitality. Consider incorporating ergonomic workstations, high-quality seating, and storage solutions, to keep tools and equipment organised. Advanced climate control systems ensure a comfortable environment regardless of external weather conditions. Thoughtful interior design not only improves operational efficiency, but also provides a welcoming space for team members and guests, making the race trailer a hub of activity and comfort during events​. Expandable Movable Spaces is happy to think with you about the ideal layout of your trailer, so we deliver unique customization. In this case you have an ideal trailer for every event, or every other project.

Connectivity and monitoring tools in modern race trailers

The modern race trailers of Expandable Movable Spaces are equipped with high standard connectivity and monitoring tools that keep your team connected and informed at all times. High-speed internet access, integrated communication systems, and real-time data monitoring tools allow for seamless communication between the trailer and the race track. These features enable teams to make quick, informed decisions and stay updated on race developments. Additionally, advanced telemetry systems provide detailed insights into vehicle performance, helping teams to fine-tune their strategies and enhance their competitive edge​. Get in touch with us to design the best race trailer in your situation and for your company. Contact us at +31 (0)85 890 21 88.

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