Rent, Expand, Impress

Expandable Movable Spaces specializes in creating innovative, multifunctional, and cost-effective mobile spaces. As manufacturers, we provide these relocatable units for long-term rental, with a network of partners for short-term needs.

Mobile Expandable Products showcasing Touchdown, Trailer and Pod
Close-up of the stairs and side profile of the Expandable Trailer.

How to rent an Expandable?

Renting an Expandable is very easy. Choose which unit you want – Pod, Trailer, or Touchdown– and contact us with your request. There is a solution for every budget! Expandable allows you to remain flexible, but still be able to showcase yourself whenever possible, even at the eleventh hour.

Expandable Rental focuses on long-term rent. We offer short-term rent in collaboration with our partners. Please contact us so we can put you in touch with the right partner based on your needs.

If you want to learn more about Expandable Rental, take a look at the brochure below. In this brochure, you can see our three core products and how they might suit your business. You will also find our contact data and how to move forward if you want to book an Expandable or if you have any questions.

So let's talk business!

Interested to find out more about our unique movable spaces? Or would you like a demonstration of our Expandable Trailers? You are welcome to visit our facility.