Glenn van Straalen, a rising star in motorcycle racing, has been on an exhilarating journey since 2007, progressing from the Dutch championship to the global stage. This year, Glenn's hospitality setup at the TT Circuit in Assen reached new heights thanks to Expandable's innovative trailers. These state-of-the-art units provide world-class comfort and seamless setup, ensuring Glenn's guests enjoy an exceptional experience. For Glenn, this collaboration with Expandable not only enhances his hospitality capabilities but also supports his quest for the world championship.

A home race advantage

Glenn van Straalen began his journey in 2007. From the Dutch championship to competing globally, he now rides with a top team in supersport, aiming for a world championship. This year, Glenn's home race in Assen is enhanced by Expandable trailers, providing top-notch hospitality. "The nice thing about a home race here in Assen is that there are a lot of supporters who come to support me. That's why we always have our own hospitality," says Glenn. The TT Circuit in Assen is a special celebration, allowing Glenn to connect with his fans, making the experience even more memorable.

"The Expandable trailers have achieved a high point this year, providing world-class comfort for my guests, even in bad weather. Their seamless setup and reliability have truly elevated our hospitality experience."
Glenn van Straalen
Ten Kate Racing

Efficient hospitality with Expandable Trailers

The quick setup of the Expandable trailers has significantly improved the efficiency of Glenn's hospitality operations. Delivered and set up within just half an hour, these units offer a durable and comfortable environment. This logistical ease allows Glenn and his team to focus more on racing preparations and less on setup challenges.

Moreover, the trailers provide a welcoming space for Glenn’s supporters, ensuring they have a memorable experience at the TT Circuit in Assen. The heaters keep guests warm and comfortable, enhancing the overall hospitality experience and allowing Glenn to connect with his fans in a relaxed setting.

The reliability of the Expandable trailers means that Glenn can count on them to perform consistently, race after race. This dependability is crucial for maintaining a high standard of hospitality, which is essential for Glenn’s image and his relationship with his supporters. Overall, these trailers have been key in elevating the hospitality experience at Glenn's home race, making them more enjoyable and efficient for everyone involved.

Expandable trailer setup at the TT Circuit in Assen, featuring tulip decorations and a truck, providing a comfortable and efficient hospitality environment for Glenn van Straalen's guests.

Hospitality in action

Expandable trailers have greatly improved the efficiency of Glenn van Straalen's hospitality setup. Ready within half an hour, they offer a durable and comfortable space that withstands all weather conditions, allowing Glenn's team to focus on race preparations. These trailers ensure a memorable experience for guests at the TT Circuit in Assen, enhancing Glenn's connection with his supporters while maintaining high hospitality standards.

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