Immersive Room

Elevating events to unseen heights

Immersive Room Trailers by Expandable offer an unparalleled sensory experience, setting a new standard for event engagement. Within the first step inside, guests are transported into a world where every detail is curated for impact. These trailers are engineered for those seeking to create memorable, impactful events, ensuring a unique position in any setting.

Inside an Expandable movable space set up for 'The Interroll Truck Road Show', with overhead lighting illuminating a presentation area with chairs facing a banner with inspirational messaging.

Immersive rooms: Beyond traditional event spaces

Expandable's immersive room trailers break the mold of traditional event spaces. They are designed to transport guests to any world, real or imagined, creating a fully immersive experience. These mobile marvels are equipped with cutting-edge technology that stimulates all senses, making every presentation or exhibition an unforgettable journey.

Unlike passive experiences like watching a video, stepping into an immersive room is an active experience that can make you feel as though you are truly part of a different reality. This can be particularly effective for envisioning complex projects in 3D, providing a transformative platform for meetings, or showcasing capabilities to clients in a dynamic and interactive way.

Interior view of an Expandable mobile space showcasing the 'Interroll' brand, with a steel door on the right and an interactive wall display featuring circular icons representing different industries.

Versatility in Motion: Immersive Rooms for Every Event

Need a spectacular space for a business event, school show, or fun party? Check out Expandable's immersive room trailers! They're like magic rooms that change to fit any event, making it exciting and awesome. Make your event unforgettable with a place that adjusts and sparks creativity. The immersive room with a movable trailer is the ideal way to show your business event.

Expandable Trailers: A World of Possibilities

Expandable isn't just about immersive experiences. Our trailers are versatile spaces for road shows, mobile broadcasting, and more. Discover how Expandable trailers can also enhance your event strategy and add a new dimension to your brand's presence with our promotional trailer or retail trailer.

Applications of an immersive room

An immersive room has more applications than we can mention. Rather, here are just a few examples to get your imagination going.

  • Turn an ordinary meeting room into one where all necessary data is projected on the walls
  • Walk around in your next house or real estate project
  • Visually work with data in immersive work spaces
  • A virtual showroom of your latest products
  • 360 degrees area mapping
  • Provide an interactive backdrop to your product presentation
  • Take education to the next level

So let's talk business!

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