Mobile Surgery Unit

Surgical excellence beyond hospital walls

The Mobile Surgery Units are a cornerstone of modern medical response, blending flexibility with cutting-edge technology. Expandable's units are designed to facilitate a wide range of surgical procedures, transforming any location into a fully functional operating room. They embody the fusion of mobility and medical excellence, catering to diverse surgical needs in various environments.

Interior of a mobile surgery unit showing a state-of-the-art CT scanner, complete with honeycomb-patterned wall accents for a calming atmosphere in a compact, efficient space.

Mobile surgery units: agile medical response

In emergency situations, the ability to act fast and professional is crucial. Expandable's mobile surgery unit is a game-changer, providing fully-equipped surgical settings on the move. Ideal for remote areas or urgent scenarios, these units ensure that high-quality surgical care is always within reach. They represent a new era in medical responsiveness, where distance and location no longer hinder critical surgical intervention.

The exterior of a standalone mobile surgery unit, featuring a clean and modern design with a high canopy and stabilizing jacks, indicating readiness for medical use.

Innovative design for optimal surgical efficiency

Expandable's Mobile Surgery Units are very modern in medicine. They create a simple and comfortable space for complicated surgeries. These units have high-tech medical tools and can be changed inside to work well. They make sure everything works smoothly and is safe. They show that Expandable cares a lot about giving the best healthcare. Wherever you need surgery, they make sure it's a safe and smart experience.

Expand Your Horizons with Expandable Trailers

Expandable's ingenuity extends beyond surgery units. Our trailers are perfect for diverse applications, from road shows to mobile broadcasting. They offer customizable, innovative solutions for every need. Mobile surgery units provide improved access to high-quality care in hard-to-reach locations. Expandable provides attractively priced units that ensure people get the right medical treatment without an overly long travel time. We provide a loading capacity (165 m3) with an easy to operate, easy to set up surgery chamber.

Furthermore, the incorporation of the following medical apparatus and supplies is readily achievable within such a unit:

  1. Medical monitors for assessing health conditions.
  2. Life support equipment, encompassing incubators, anesthetic machines, heart-lung machines, ECMO, and dialysis machines.
  3. Medical gas systems, comprising medical air, oxygen, and vacuum, along with a HEPA filtration system.
  4. Laboratory equipment designed for medical analysis.
  5. Medical imaging devices like ultrasound, MRI, PET & CT scanners, and x-ray machines.
  6. Therapeutic machinery such as CPM machines.

Experience comfort and convenience with Expandable. We also have different kind of trailers like the mobile shower trailer, the hospitality trailer and the emergency response trailer, ideal for the next party or event.

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