From unique concepts to customized event tours, Xtreme Concepts organizes roadshows that embody their core philosophy: go to the customer. Roadshows are all about engagement and excitement, which is something Serge Blommaert of Xtreme Concepts – self-proclaimed ‘roadshow architect’ – understands like no one else. Serge graciously agreed to talk to us about the origins of the collaboration with Expandable, and how the partnership is a natural fit.

First steps in mobile markets

Serge Blommaert started out in the telecom business during exciting times – the rise of the mobile phone. “I jumped on the cell phone hype train back in 1994”, Serge states. “Our business quickly rose to 35 store locations. The sky was the limit.”

The mobile phone bubble burst as quickly as it came, but Serge wasn’t deterred. “You can’t control the way the wind blows, but you can control how you sail”, is what Serge says. Brick-and-mortar stores were in decline, but the interest in mobile phones kept increasing. “I bought a camper, stripped it and filled it with telecom goods, and created my own mobile telecom shop”, Serge continues. That’s how his motto was born: ‘go to the customer’.

"Trust is the cornerstone of our industry. With Expandable, we've built trust that translates into dependable, dynamic event spaces."
Serge Blommaert
Xtreme Concepts

Simple beginnings, Xtreme Concepts

It wasn’t long until he was contacted by the likes of Eneco, Thomas Cook, Nikon, and Samsung, who weren’t so much interested in his goods but all the more in his concept. “That is how Xtreme Concepts came to be”, explains Serge. “We develop a custom concept for our customers, from project management to custom interior and exterior design; think stickering, lettering, branding, packaging, and printing.”

This was also around the time Expandable came along, according to Serge. “I was attracted to their wider approach, presented in a structure that didn’t look like a truck anymore”, he says. “Their units are lightweight and don’t require a big truck nor a crane. Furthermore, they have a great value-for-money ratio, and they understand the bigger picture I had in mind.”

Expandable trailer extended into a spacious mobile event space with multiple glass doorways, set in a serene evening setting.

Partnership over animosity

After their first acquaintance, a few meetings back and forth were all it took to seal the collaboration. “I’ve had the pleasure to deal with amiable, cooperative folks at Expandable, such as Berrie and Kathleen”, continues Serge. “They are open, honest people that can see what you want to achieve. Their suggestions are based on what your idea really needs.”

Serge believes that partnerships are more valuable than animosity. “You can achieve so much more when you work together with competitors”, he says. “This business is all about trust. We know we can trust Expandable and vice versa. Expandable has always been important to us. They’re a core part of our Essentials line-up, and they will always play an important role for Xtreme Concepts.”

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