Exhibition Trailer

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Unlock the potential of every event with Expandable's Exhibition Trailers. Seamlessly transport your vision and products to any location, offering a standout experience that positions your brand uniquely in the marketplace. Thinking about organising a special event? Take a look for an Expandable Trailer!

Expandable 'Smart Feeding on Tour' trailer by Lely, parked in a field, showcasing mobile event branding and innovation in agriculture.

Versatile Venues on the Move

Expandable Exhibition Trailers offer unparalleled flexibility for events. Tailored for distinction, they transform into a bespoke venue within minutes. Their swift setup and vast 65m² flat surface provide the perfect canvas for your brand's narrative. Whether it's a product launch or an interactive exhibit, these trailers ensure your event is the talk of the town, just like our mobile roadshow solutions.

Interior of an Expandable exhibition trailer designed as an interactive seminar area with red stools, wooden tables, and informative digital displays.

Sustainable showcasing

Embrace sustainability without sacrificing sophistication. Expandable's trailers are engineered for eco-efficiency, from materials to mobility. Hosting your event in our eco-conscious spaces sends a powerful message about your brand's commitment to the future, resonating with a growing eco-aware audience. Profit from our versatile setup and exhibit your products or services in our Expandable exhibition trailer and expand your horizon!

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Delve into the versatility of Expandable trailers and how they can revolutionize your event hosting. Explore our range of mobile solutions, each designed to provide unique value and broaden your event's horizons. From roadshows to product launches, Expandable is your partner in creating unforgettable experiences.

A smart investment

Exhibition trailers are a great way to showcase your products or services at trade shows and events. Their spacious interior and adjustable features ensure that your exhibits are presented in the best possible way. A varying range of sizes and custom options is available for you to choose from. You can find the perfect exhibition trailer to meet your needs.

Imagine a small business looking to make a big impact at its next event. Or a large corporation, looking for a professional and versatile exhibition space. In both examples, an exhibition trailer is a wise investment. With their compact size and easy movability, these trailers are perfect for traveling to and from events with ease.

Different kind of uses with Expandable Movable Space

But there is so much more of possibilities to use an Expandable movable space. Think about a mobile kitchen or catering trailer for the best food. Or maybe the mobile shower trailer to use during events like festivals. Your imagination is the limit.

More applications that could be interesting for you

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