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We design attractive movable spaces that are multifunctional, affordable, and easy to set up. Our Expandables nearly double in size when expanded, featuring a smart, luxurious design. They are fully customizable and perfect for a wide range of applications, from small corporate events.

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Smartly engineered

Our movable spaces are uniquely designed, smartly engineered, easy to set up and affordable.

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Every business is unique. We offer a variety of features to ensure that your movable space meets your specific needs. What's your business? Tell us and we'll show you how we can help.

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Expansive parking lot transformed into a dynamic sports and hospitality area with expandable unit
Sports & Hospitality

Transform your sports and hospitality events with Expandable's unique solutions. Enjoy affordable luxury, as our units double in size within minutes, offering spacious, building-like environments. They're user-friendly, easy to set up, and customizable to fit your needs. With rapid delivery and effortless mobility, Expandable provides unmatched efficiency and adaptability for any event.

Urban square with a modern mobile work and learning Expandable Touchdown
Mobile Work & Learning

Reimagine work and learning spaces with Expandable. Our mobile classrooms and workshops offer a unique blend of flexibility and efficiency. Transform any location into a productive mobile home office or podcast studio with our user-friendly, adaptable units. Designed for rapid setup and relocation, Expandable ensures a seamless transition for any mobile work and learning environment.

Expandable unit with people engaging in commercial activities
Sales & Promotion

Amplify your brand presence with Expandable's sales and promotion solutions. Our trailers transform into mobile pop-up spaces, immersive rooms, and mobile retail stores, offering an innovative platform for outdoor brand activation. They are user-friendly, set up swiftly, and are customizable to showcase your brand. With Expandable, facilitate memorable advertising and experiential marketing that travels with you.

Outdoor pop-up film and production support Expandable with people engaging in various activities.

Advance your production with Expandable's film and support trailers. Tailored for the entertainment industry, our units transform into portable music studios, mobile fitness trucks, and artist trailers. They're spacious, rapidly deployable, and customizable, offering luxury and versatility on any set. With Expandable, your production benefits from quick setup and a mobile solution that adapts to the unique demands of film and broadcasting.

Events & Roadshow

Take your events anywhere with Expandable's roadshow solutions. Our trailers are designed for effortless transformation into mobile gaming trailers, merchandise showcases, or secure event stations. Expandable's commitment to affordability and rapid deployment means you can host successful roadshows with ease, offering spacious, building-like settings that captivate and engage. With our innovative designs, setting up a mobile event space is quicker and easier than ever, providing unmatched adaptability for roadshows of any scale.

Expandable Mansion mobile home through a serene forest
Living & Lifestyle

Redefine living and lifestyle with Expandable Trailers, where luxury meets mobility. Our trailers are designed to provide a high-end living experience for temporary accommodations, lifestyle events, or as a unique home on-the-go. They blend style, comfort, and practicality, offering a refined and adaptable space that caters to diverse ways of living and personal preferences.

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