Transporting the Expandable Hybrid Trailer using a truck

Expandable Hybrid Trailer

Versatile & Accessible

Experience the innovative Expandable Hybrid Trailer, designed for low step height situations. With a ground clearance of just 35 centimeters, this versatile trailer offers easy access and transparency through its glass walls and sliding doors. Combining the best features of the Expandable Trailer and Expandable Container, the hybrid design ensures fast setup and transport with conventional trucks.

Easy and fast setup

Effortless and quick setup, this Expandable provides an all-in-one solution for diverse applications. Achieve ultimate accessibility by easily moving the trailer to ground level, making it perfect for various industries and uses.

Combines a trailer with easy and safe entrance possibility

Boasting a spacious 12.5m length, this trailer seamlessly integrates storage for the axle assembly, ensuring a sleek and safe design. Experience the ultimate blend of functionality and style with this unique trailer solution.

Mobile Solution

Endless Customization & Rapid Setup

Expandable is renowned for innovative, conceptual designs that offer a plethora of customization options for your mobile Hybrid Trailer. Effortlessly set up in under 20 minutes by a single person, our trailers provide unmatched versatility.

Flexible Options

Choose from a wide array of features, including optional glass side panels and various door configurations, to tailor your unique mobile space to your specific needs. Transport your trailer effortlessly with both standard and low-deck trucks, and experience seamless setup using our advanced hydraulic remote control system. Explore our configuration page for diverse window and entrance options to enhance your Expandable Hybrid Trailer.

Create Your Perfect Expandable with Our 3D Configurator

Craft your custom design using our state-of-the-art 3D configurator, and bring your ideal mobile space to life. Dive into endless possibilities and design the perfect Expandable Hybrid Trailer for your unique needs.

Create Your Unique Mobile Space

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Features and Details of the Expandable Hybrid Trailer


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