Expandable Container 25ft

Expandable container 25ft

Space is at a premium – you need it to present your business, to work on-site, for demonstrations, or for hospitality. Whatever it is, you need a flexible solution to fit your needs. How about you create your own personalized mobile space? Meet the Expandable container 

The 25 feet container is the most compact solution we have on offer – but don’t let that fool you! Underneath its slick exterior is lots of space, efficiently employed so you can make the most of it. This container will make you forget you are in a mobile space! 

Due to its compact design, the container is particularly suitable for product presentations in crowded areas. 

Expandable Container compact during transportation, spacious after set up

Expandable Container – the most space in the smallest package 

Compact during transportation, the Expandable Containers comprise a flat surface area of 344 ft once extended. The chassis is equipped with four twist locks, allowing the container to be transported easily and safely by a normal truck. Upon arrival, the Expandable Container lowers itself to the ground by means of wirelessly controlled hydraulic cylinders. The cylinders are placed flat on the ground, out of sight, once the longitudinal sides have been extended. With a step height of just 10”, you’ll barely notice you’re entering a container at all.  

The expandable container is fully customizable

The container may be completely tailored to your needs, both inside and outside. The Expandable container can be quickly deployed at any site, whether it be a convention or an outdoor festival. To see samples of various windows and entry options, visit our configuration page. 

Mobile container

Construction and possibilities

Expandable is known for its conceptual designs. Select one or more of our wide range of options for easy customization of your trailer. All trailers can be quickly set up, in less than 20 minutes, by one single person.




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Expandable Container 25ft

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Expandable container

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