As a subsidiary of CoolerMaster, MasterXP has made it their mission to create engaging and unique brand experiences. Having a mobile space that can easily be branded for different customers sure helps! This way, they can create unforgettable roadshows for their partners. Project manager Paul Janssen recounts the steps it took for MasterXP to get their first trailer, and how a second one was needed as well.

About MasterXP

MasterXP is a production company that deploys event trailers for its clients, to create an all-encompassing immersive experience for its users and potential buyers. “We have been using other movable solutions in the past, but we switched to an Expandable trailer”, says Janssen. “We chose Expandable because we can fully customize it for every event. We went with a white-label construction that serves as the basis for this.

“For the interior, we always choose a modular setting that’s easy to move around. We have harmonica doors that help us pack and unpack quickly, but also create a stage-like setting for similar events.”

With a combination of product reliability and after-sales customer care, I can safely say Expandable is a valuable partner for us.
Paul Janssen

MasterXP x Expandable

Expandable has enabled us to expand our fleet with a very flexible and highly customizable movable unit that can help us out at all kinds of events for a bevy of clients”, Janssen concludes. “After we discovered the benefits of one, we quickly secured a second unit to expand our fleet even further. Top it all off with the reliability of both the unit and the service of the team, and I can safely say Expandable is one of our most valuable partners.”

Inside a modern gaming trailer with blue LED lighting, showcasing the latest in gaming technology. The space is optimized for interaction, with gaming stations set against branded backdrops, inviting an immersive experience for players and visitors.

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