Tricorp is a European workwear brand, specializing in workwear for all kinds of professionals. Wanting to help their distributors with outfitting their customers, Tricorp called on Expandable for a unique solution that helps with these fitting sessions in a quality way.

As a manufacturer of high-quality workwear, Tricorp wanted a way to help their distributors make it easier for the end user to try on different types ofclothing in various sizes, to see what fits. A mobile fitting room was the perfect solution, with their original Greyhound bus having been supplanted by an Expandable. Marco Kleijn, account manager at Tricorp, takes us through the reasoning behind this upgrade, and the advantages it has for their company.

About Tricorp

Tricorp specializes in modern and sustainable workwear, catering to a variety of professional sectors. Their product range includes high-visibility clothing, casual wear, and safety gear, designed with both durability and style in mind. Emphasizing sustainability, Tricorp also actively participates in social responsibility initiatives, including an environmentally friendly-produced line of clothing.

We can be up and running in half an hour. When we’re done, packing up takes just as long before we’re on the way to the next customer.
Marco Kleijn

Good can always be better

As a distributor of workwear, Tricorp isn’t typically the party that comes into contact with the end user of their clothing. That’s up to their partners. However, for a long time, Tricorp has been a supporting force for their dealers. “We’ve been visiting them with our trusty Greyhound bus for years”, says Kleijn. “It has served us well over the years, but here at Tricorp, we believe that good can always be better. We were looking for a better and nicer option, and we found it in the Expandable.”

Tricorp have outfitted their Expandable Trailer as a mobile fitting room with two dressing rooms and shelves and clothing racks. Together with their dealer, they visit a company with a pre-made selection of workwear so that the entire team can see what they like and choose the right sizes. “We are now able to help more people fit per day, if only because we now have two fitting rooms”, Kleijn continues. “And because we are on-site, people can easily come to us between tasks. This trailer helps us to effectively get the right sizes for everyone with minimal intrusion on their work.”

Interior view of Tricorp's Expandable mobile fitting room, with customers and staff engaging in workwear selection and fitting. The well-organized space features racks of high-visibility clothing and casual workwear under bright, modern lighting.

Fitting in style

Besides two fitting rooms and plenty of space, the Tricorp Expandable Trailer is outfitted with more conveniences. “We have airconditioning, a refrigerator, and even an oven so we can cater to our guests with food and drinks at an ambient temperature’, remarks Kleijn satisfactorily. “This way, everyone can get back to work comfortably after having fitted their new workwear with a sense of pride.”

Another big advantage for Kleijn is that setting it up and packing it back is easy and quick. “We can be up and running in half an hour”, he says. “When we’re done, packing up takes just as long before we’re on the way to the next customer.”

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