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Mobile classroom – a new kind of learning

The static classrooms of our youth are a thing of the past. Chalkboards have left classrooms in favor of interactive whiteboards. Even the brick-and-mortar structure of the building itself is not a given anymore.

Education has gone mobile, and will never truly be stationary again. Allow us to introduce you to the mobile classroom.

What is a mobile classroom?

A mobile classroom is a portable and self-contained mobile room that's easily transportable. These classrooms are used by schools, universities, and other organizations to provide education and training in a variety of settings. A major advantage of an expandable mobile classroom is its flexibility.

It takes a single person no more than 15 minutes to set up a mobile classroom anywhere. This allows you to use one effectively in a variety of different locations, sometimes even multiple times on the same day. Here are some examples of uses in different disciplines.

  • Schools and universities that provide education and training in multiple locations
  • Organizations that need to provide educational services in remote areas
  • Companies that need a flexible training location for different branches

Mobile classroom applications

The term 'mobile classroom' can be applied for various uses. Here are a few examples to get you thinking about how mobile education could suit your business.

  • Reach remote locations – mobile pop-up spaces can be used to bring education to remote areas.
  • Support remote learning – accessible modern technology enables education where not everyone is in the same room.
  • Additional capacity – overcrowded schools and offices are a thing of the past. Mobile office trailers or classrooms also open up opportunities for classes outside office hours.
  • Provide experiential learning opportunities – a mobile classroom can facilitate extraordinary projects, like learning in an immersive space.
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Advantages of a mobile classroom

The use of an Expandable mobile classroom is built upon its key features.

  • Durability – the sturdy design of an Expandable mobile classroom is built with durability in mind.
  • Easy to transport – a mobile classroom is durable and easy to set up. Therefore, it can easily be transported and set up in different locations.
  • Spacious design – being a unit that doubles in space when fully expanded, the Expandable is the definition of space.
  • Fully equipped – heating, cooling, led lighting, easy access, and ample natural light; it's all there.

Mobile education for you

A mobile classroom can be a cheap and flexible solution to provide education at all kinds of levels. Being able to be set up at virtually any location, these mobile spaces can reach otherwise remote areas. When education is at stake, it's solutions like this that make a difference. Start making a difference today – start using Expandable.


Expandable mobile classroom

Mobile education and hybrid learning are the way forward.

This page was last updated on April 17, 2023. The content of this page was written and approved by Berrie Rieswijk.