Meet the Perfect Advertising Trailer

Have you ever spotted an advertising trailer on the side of the road? Most of the time, they are a sad sight – yet they are often the first impression people get of your company. So why would you choose a shabby alternative instead of a great and lasting first impression? Let us introduce you to the advertising trailer – reimagined.

Envision a new advertising trailer

When most people think about an advertising trailer, they imagine an impassive trailer standing by the side of the road. No interaction, nothing inviting you to take a closer look. That is why you won’t recognize the image of the sad billboard trailer in the Expandable advertising trailer. Let us introduce you to it – and the possibilities.


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Expandable trailer

Let's take a closer look

An all-in-one solution – an expandable space with its own wheels. You’ll get a great amount of freedom and movability with the Expandable trailer. The only thing you need is a regular truck or a low-deck one and you can take your trailer anywhere!


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How to use an advertising trailer

An advertising trailer can be used for all sorts of things: new store openings, the launch of a new product, special events, and lots more. Just imagine it and you can make it happen, together with Expandable! Even when it’s not fully set up, its left side offers huge marketing real estate – not to mention the marketing potential when it’s fully operational.

You can use advertising trailers in all kinds of shapes and sizes:


Local advertising

In the traditional sense, local advertising uses geo-marketing to reach local markets. Getting close to your customers is crucial for forging long-lasting bonds. Reaching people close to where they live is a hyperlocal and personal way to promote your products, raise brand awareness, or host an event to tap into new markets.

Local advertisements and public events are great examples of local advertising. Did you know we can help you with the latter? You can deploy an advertising trailer to gain exposure on a local level, all the while getting in touch with would-be customers and using the exterior for some passive prominence.

Mobile advertising is a great yet underused tool for this. We at Expandable would love to help you with this!

Please contact us so we can provide you with the information you need. If you are interested, we can even give you a tour and demonstration in our factory in Eersel, the Netherlands.