Wardrobe Trailer

Wardrobe trailer makes stars look sharp

Costumes help your characters come to life. The right outfit makes your actor resemble the character he or she is playing. An on-location wardrobe is essential. That’s exactly where our wardrobe trailer steps in.

The wardrobe trailer allows you to move your complete wardrobe from location to location; inexpensive and user-friendly. At the press of a single button, you can set up an easily accessible flat surface of 65m². And best of all; it only requires a few minutes of one’s time to finish the job. Perfect if your production requires multiple locations to shoot.

Wardrobe trailer features

An expandable wardrobe trailer can be helpful for movie and TV productions. It provides plenty of space for storing costumes and wardrobe items. The trailer can be expanded when needed and it can be moved to different locations. This saves time and resources by not needing separate wardrobe storage and transportation.

The trailer can also have dressing rooms, mirrors, and other amenities to help with wardrobe changes and fittings on set. In general, an expandable wardrobe trailer can make wardrobe operations more efficient and organized for movie and TV productions.

A spacious wardrobe area set up inside an expandable trailer, showcasing its versatile use for various industries such as film and fashion

Wardrobe trailer for sale at Expandable 

The versatile Expandable trailers can be deployed for a broad range of applications like a wardrobe trailer. A loading capacity of 165m³ means plenty of hanging rods and store compartments can be integrated into its design. There is plenty of space for other equipment such as a laundry machine and dryer or an ironing station.

The walls of our Expandable are modular and can be completely customized. Configure your wardrobe trailer with sliding doors and aluminum ramps to ensure easy loading and unloading of the vehicle.

Furthermore, our trailers are known for their:

  • Sleek design
  • Easy and safe entrance
  • Compatible with big and conventional trucks
  • Low total costs of ownership

Do you feel like a 165m³ wardrobe trailer is too large for your wardrobe team? For something similar, take a look at the Expandable container (79m³) or hybrid trailer (140m³). Or check out our artist trailer and hair & make-up trailer!

Choose the Expandable wardrobe trailer

We are passionate about our products and place a high value on delivering high-quality cutting-edge moveable spaces. All our Expandables are carefully crafted in-house at our headquarters located in Eersel, the Netherlands. In addition, we offer extremely quick assembly times and an optimized production process of only 2 months.

Are you looking for a temporary solution to your production’s wardrobe necessities? Our trailers are also for hire for any period longer than 3 months.

Are you interested or do you have any questions about our wardrobe trailer? Please contact us so we can provide you with the information you need.

Wardrobe trailer or make-up and hair trailer

Wardrobe trailer

The Expandable wardrobe trailer enables you to move your complete wardrobe from location to location in the most cost-effective and user-friendly way.

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