Customer Testimonials

Discover what our customers have to say about Expandable Trailers. Read through these real customer testimonials to see how Expandable Trailers have made a real difference in their business operations.

From reducing setup times to simplifying their work processes, see how our trailers have helped our customers in their day-to-day operations. See for yourself why Expandable Trailers is the top choice for mobile event solutions.

Wim Noorman
Eurotech Events

"I got Expandable's full cooperation for this wild idea I had. Our work relationship is very good, and the end result is a fantastic trailer."

Having worked in sports innovation all his life, it was only natural that Wim Noorman of Eurotech Sports & Events eventually ended up at Expandable. Innovation and simplifying things are where they both meet. Wim would like to show you the fantastic result of this collaboration.

Theo van Essen
Van Essen Catering en Events

"Our guests are often surprised how lovely and warm it is inside. Much better than a flapping tent."

At first, Van Essen Catering & Events BV was skeptical about purchasing an Expandable. Can the setup really be THAT simple? Theo van Essen discovered what we knew along. He was able to reduce setup time from 4 hours with 2 persons to 15 minutes with 1 person. That's almost 97% less time than before!