The Roadshow Truck helps raise brand awareness

Planning on traveling around the country to give presentations to potential investors. To generate excitement and interest in a project or offering of your brand? Take your company’s message and brand on the road with a roadshow truck. Attract thousands of prospective buyers, educate audiences about your plans and develop meaningful relations!

  • Fire up demand
  • Empower your sales force
  • Share your company's vision

A roadshow vehicle provides the perfect opportunity to spread the word about your brand in an interactive way. Roadshows help your business grow in a mobile way.

Roadshow truck for sale at Expandable

Expandable offers the best trailers on the market. Ready to take your enterprise to the next level? Our Expandable trailers can be customized and can be easily transformed into a mobile roadshow truck whenever and wherever you want.


The roadshow truck your brand needs

  • Swift set-up speed – 15 minutes by a single person
  • Loading capacity similar to a conventional trailer
  • Modular and custom design
  • Competitive prices

With just the press of a button, you can set up an easily accessible flat surface of 65m³. And, it only takes one person – and a few minutes – to finish the job. We offer highly competitive prices – half the prices of our competitors’ trailers – and high-quality trucks.

Modular wall panels and a lot of free space allow you to customize and furnish it to your vision. This allows you to realize the ideal roadshow truck experience for you and your target audience.

A roadshow or promotional trailer is at the heart of any marketing campaign. It enables your company to connect with existing audiences, eventually converting them into new customers. Investing in a promotional trailer as a roadshow truck will increase the revenue of your marketing efforts. Especially since our trailers go for half the cost of traditional promotional trailers.

On the road with Expandable

We are specialized and experienced in offering the ultimate containers and trailers that exceed your standards. Next to purchasing our trailers, it’s also possible to rent one of our vehicles for periods longer than 3 months.

Utility wrapped in a sleek design. That is what you get when buying or renting one of our Expandable trailers! Take a look at our references to get inspired for your own roadshow trailer.

Please contact us if you need more information or if you have any questions.