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What is a pop-up space, and how to get one

Digital outlets are competing with physical stores. Sometimes, this leads to a turbulent market, leaving both consumers and retailers confused. What is the best place to sell your wares? Where to purchase, and what exactly are you getting?

What is a pop-up space?

A pop-up space is a temporary location that can have a variety of purposes. It can be used for market research, selling goods, or brand recognition. Mobile pop-up locations take it one step further, adding mobility (and therefore flexibility) into the mix. The idea of flexible retail is in line with how the current state of the market is.

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Pop-up shop ideas

  • A fashion designer or clothing brand displays their latest collection in an exhibition trailer
  • It's the perfect venue for an online retailer to use as a mobile showroom
  • Hospitality companies – ranging from food trucks to star restaurants – can deploy a catering trailer
  • Launch a new health and body product line with product demonstrations in a hospitality trailer
  • A start-up can gauge interest in their product or service with a mobile pop-up store
  • Meanwhile, existing retailers with a physical store can use it to probe new markets

Is a pop-up location for you?

A popup location is a temporary physical location that is set up for a short period. Popup locations are often used by businesses to test out a new product or service. They offer an exclusive promotion or provide a convenient location for customers to buy something or get more information. Some mobile pop-up locations are moved around, while others remain in the same place for a set duration.

For consumers, a pop-up space offers a more diverse and changing retail landscape for them to experience. This way, physical retail starts to effectively mimic the benefits consumers experience when shopping online. Consumers are often encouraged to visit – with exclusive discounts or giveaways, or a chance to get early access to new products. And let's not forget, there is value in being able to see a product before committing to purchase.

Expandable provides options for both short-term and long-term pop-up locations. Take a look at some of the examples above!

Benefits of a pop-up space

A pop-up location is a great way to introduce a new product or product line to your audience.

A pop-up shop in a new area allows you to reach out to a new potential crowd.

While the trend is certainly shifting, physical stores are still premier purchase locations. A temporary storefront is an ideal way to sell more merchandise or get rid of excess inventory. It can boost sales, or it might help a business get rid of last year's collection.

A pop-up event is the ideal contact point to assist you in market research. Data acquired through promotions, events, or competitions helps you understand your target clients better. This may be crucial in directing corporate actions in the future.

A pop-up location can be utilized to provide enjoyable experiences, or strengthen your brand image through customer engagement. Despite how effective online shopping might be, nothing beats in-person communication.

Try out new retail locations before making a bigger financial commitment. Brands wishing to increase their presence can experiment at new locations.

Are you an online business looking to dive into physical retail? A mobile pop-up space can help you make this decision.

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