Race Trailer

Speed, style, and efficiency in one dynamic winning package
A Landgraf logistics and motorsport mobile hospitality trailer parked on a concrete lot, with the trailer's large side prominently displaying the brand name.

Speed, style, and efficiency in one dynamic package accelerate your racing experience with Expandable's Race Trailer! At the heart of every race is the need for efficiency, flexibility, and a strong brand presence. Expandable's race trailer is designed to meet these core racing demands. Offering rapid setup, compatibility with various trucks, and a stylish design, these trailers are not just about transportation; they're about making a statement. With a spacious interior that can be customized to your needs, these trailers are a game-changer in the racing industry, offering unprecedented advantages at an unbeatable price.

A mobile hospitality trailer at an outdoor racing event, with a rally car on display in front, showcasing the trailer's capability for on-site event support

Racing on and off track

The Expandable race trailer is a masterclass in multi-functional design, offering much more than meets the eye. It seamlessly combines transport capabilities with hospitality and workshop functionalities, creating a comprehensive solution for all racing-related needs. Ideal for teams, guests, and sponsors alike, this trailer provides a comfortable and functional space that adapts to various requirements. Whether it's a mobile headquarters at the race track or a hospitality suite for entertaining sponsors, this trailer's compact design belies its extensive capacity to cater to the multifarious demands of the racing world.

Interior of a mobile hospitality trailer designed for racing events, featuring tables with black tops and green accents, with a large monochrome image of a racetrack on the wall.

Comfort race time with an race trailer

Racing environments can be harsh and unpredictable, demanding equipment that is both durable and comfortable. Expandable's Race Trailer meets these challenges head-on with its robust construction and weather-resistant features. The air-conditioned interior ensures a comfortable and stable climate, regardless of external weather conditions.

This makes it a reliable and secure choice for transporting sensitive racing equipment and supplies, ensuring that everything from high-value vehicles to essential tools remains protected and ready for action. It's this combination of durability and comfort that makes the race trailer an indispensable asset in the demanding world of racing.

Ready, set, go with Expandable

Are you ready to change your race experience? Everyone in the racing business will tell you that the race itself is a piece of a larger puzzle. A large piece, mind you, but not one that can exist without the others. For this you really need an Expandable!

  • Inviting to guests, your team, and your drivers
  • Transport to and from the race event
  • Workshop for maintenance and repairs
  • An eye-catching solution sponsors wouldn't mind being featured on

The best race trailer combines all of this into one compact, all-in-one solution. You can take a look at our 3D-configurator to look at all available options. Or you can contact us to explore our Custom motocross Trailers and find the optimal transport solution for your needs. We also offer other options, like a motorcycle Trailer. With Expandable Movable Spaces, you're choosing a blend of style, function, and flexibility that truly redefines the journey.

So let's talk business!

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