Rijschool Roordink

Thinking outside the box is hard, but indispensable. Pieter Roordink, founder of driving school Rijschool Roordink, knows this all too well. Transportation was, and always will be, a cornerstone of society. Therefore, innovative concepts are cutting-edge – especially an easily transportable unit to host refresher training courses for truck drivers in. By taking this existing training ‘on the road’, Roordink was able to lower the threshold. A movable facility that didn’t feel like an ’old stale dusty box’ was just what Pieter needed. And within a few minutes of browsing online, he found Expandable.

“If you don’t intend to buy a unit, it is best if you don’t go for a casual cup of coffee at Expandable, just for a look out of curiosity. Believe me, once you step inside and see what they have to offer, you’re sold", says Roordink.

“I was so blown away by what was all possible that I didn’t even stop to consider looking any further. After that proverbial cup of coffee, my biggest surprise wasn’t the unit itself but the way they treat their clients. Yes, it is an investment and yes, there are countless options. But I felt Expandable put my needs first, with the ambition of meeting – and where possible surpassing – my expectations."

"With Expandable, we've redefined the learning environment; their units are far from just spaces – they're gateways to education on-the-go."
Pieter Roordink
Rijschool Roordink

“It is this mindset that resonated deeply with me and Rijschool Roordink. You don’t ‘do what you do’ for yourself, but for your clients. That is the only way to achieve your true potential as a business. That is what we at Rijschool Roordink aim to do, every day – so does Expandable", he continues.

Interior of Roordink's Expandable training unit with tables set for learners and red accent lighting.

“We are deploying our Expandable hybrid unit for drivers to get their code 95 qualification in", summarizes Roordink. They need to take this refresher course every five years. Being able to host it in a portable location, we are able to make it feel way less mandatory and a lot more welcoming!”

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