Mobile Workshop Trailer

Versatility and efficiency on the go

The Mobile Workshop Trailer is a dynamic solution for those needing a versatile and movable workspace. Ideal for various events, these trailers offer a unique position in the market, combining functionality with mobility. They are designed to cater to diverse professional needs, ensuring that your workspace is not just a place but a dynamic asset.

A mobile battery service center trailer from Autocraft with the branding 'REVIVE Mobile' parked outside, featuring a side graphic detailing EV Battery Service Centre functions including testing, repair, and remanufacture.

Customize your mobile craft

A mobile workshop has all the tools and equipment to perform a variety of tasks. You can use it for vehicle repairs, construction work, and other on-site services. Mobile workshops are designed to be compact and efficient. You can easily transport them to different locations as needed.

Expandable movable trailers can be fitted with everything from workbenches to power tools, making them perfect for vehicle repairs, construction work, and more. Experience similar customization with our Hybrid Trailers, designed for diverse operational needs​

Inside a mobile workshop trailer with two technicians working on an EV battery pack at a specialized workstation, equipped with various tools and monitors displaying technical diagrams, under the branding of Autocraft.

Innovative design for enhanced productivity

The unique design of our Mobile Workshop Trailers maximizes efficiency and productivity. With well-organized interiors and state-of-the-art equipment, these trailers provide an optimal environment for various tasks. They are more than just mobile spaces; they are innovation hubs where ideas turn into reality. Perfect for events where showcasing work is essential, they offer a unique position to engage and impress.

Discover the Multifunctional Expandable Movable Spaces

There is no standard mobile workshop. Instead, we strive to deliver one that fits your needs. While the list below is hardly comprehensive, it does give a decent idea of what we are all about.

  • Easy setup: 15 minutes for one person
  • Highly transportable: it is compatible with most standard trucks
  • Equipped with all necessary tools
  • Custom mobile workshop to fit your needs
  • Plenty of storage space, both on the road and on-site
  • A safe working environment, wherever you are

All the benefits can be ideal for motocross events. Prepare yourself for every possible situation and stay ahead of your competition. Decent materials are half the battle.

So let's talk business!

Are you determined to learn more about our unique movable spaces? Or would you like a demonstration of our Expandable Trailers? You are welcome to visit our facility.