Film & Production Support

Seamless Film Production – Expandable's Creative Spaces
Outdoor pop-up film and production support Expandable with people engaging in various activities.

Craft Your Scene with Expandable's Production Trailers. In the world of movie and film set trailers, Expandable stands out by providing unmatched comfort and style. Designed for the dynamic needs of film, TV, and live broadcast, our trailers, including wardrobe, hair, and makeup units, offer a blend of functionality and elegance that is unparalleled. Experience the Expandable difference and bring your production value to new heights.

White interior of a mobile hair and makeup station inside a Expandabel Trailer

Innovative Movie Set & Broadcast Trailers

Expandable's movie set and broadcast trailers redefine on-site production workspaces. Beyond mere transportation, they're designed as fully-equipped command centers. With custom layouts for wardrobe, hair, and makeup, our trailers ensure that every detail is catered to, providing a smooth and efficient operational flow on set.

Sound mixing studio with advanced consoles and acoustic paneling in an Expandable Container

Artistic Freedom with Mobile Studios

Unleash your creativity with Expandable's portable artist trailers. These trailers are more than just mobile spaces – they're incubators for innovation, offering the environment artists need to thrive. Whether for recording, rehearsals, or fitness sessions, our trailers provide a secure, private, and well-equipped space that goes wherever the production takes you.

Film & Production Support applications

Explore the Versatility of Expandable in Sports and Hospitality: Our innovative solutions are perfectly tailored for a range of applications in this dynamic sector. From high-energy sporting events to elegant hospitality settings, discover how our expandable, customizable units can elevate your event experience.

Film & Production Excellence: Expandable's Customized Solutions

Elevate your production capabilities with Expandable. Our trailers are crafted to meet the unique needs of the film and production industry, transforming into portable music studios, artist trailers, or mobile fitness trucks. They’re not just spaces; they’re hubs of creativity and efficiency.

  • On-Site Efficiency, Uncompromised Quality
    Expandable trailers are synonymous with on-set proficiency. Designed for quick deployment, our movie and film set trailers, including wardrobe and makeup trailers, are set up in minutes, not hours. This expedited process means more time for creativity and production, ensuring your project stays on schedule.
  • Adaptable Spaces for Creative Minds
    Our trailers offer unparalleled flexibility, with interiors that can be customized for any production need. Whether it’s a broadcast trailer or a mobile space for talent prep, Expandable provides an environment that adapts to the creative process. The unique ability to expand our trailers nearly doubles the workspace, providing the perfect setting for any scene.
  • Your Studio, Wherever You Need It
    With Expandable, the location is no longer a constraint – it’s a choice. Our portable studios bring the production to life, wherever it may lead. From bustling city centers to secluded scenic spots, our trailers are equipped to travel, ensuring that your production has the support it needs, on the go.

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