Because our units are so versatile, our clientele is very diverse. Everyone has their own story; sometimes they discover features they weren’t aware of when they bought it, sometimes they come up with new possibilities that we ourselves hadn’t thought of. Antti Pyrhönen, team manager of the ICEONE Rockstar Energy Kawasaki Racing Team, didn’t know what to expect of Expandable trailers. Antti is a well-known person in MXGP – first as a formidable racer, now as a just as formidable team manager. He was positively surprised by our Expandables. This is his story.

“I had been searching for an external unit to replace our existing trailer tents for years. My desired unit had to be less time-consuming to build up and better equipped against occasional harsh weather conditions at the track. I chose Expandable because it’s the only unit out there that does the trick."

"When looking for a mobile unit, my concern was fan visibility of our technicians. Expandable solved this by making our unit transparent. This allows fans an exclusive backstage peek, which is essential in MXGP."
Antti Pyrhönen

“We brought all of our equipment to the factory in the Netherlands when we first came over. That was for a singular purpose – finding out for sure if everything would fit and whether we would have any wiggle room left to walk and work in.

It was going to be a spare mobile technical workshop, so we had to be very sure. Not only did we have room to spare, but we are also very happy with the endless benefits our unit has to offer."

Inside an Expandable Racing Team Trailer at Event

“When I started looking for a mobile unit, I was afraid it would be hard or even downright impossible for our fans to see our technicians in action. The Expandable team came through – they made our unit as transparent as it could be. With its glass walls, operating on ground level, the fans get an exclusive backstage peek at what we do. That’s what MXGP is all about – the fans!”

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