Mobile Data Center Trailer

Your IT Infrastruture, now on wheels

In today's fast-paced IT world, Expandable's Mobile Data Center provides a groundbreaking solution. These movable spaces, equipped with all essential data center components, offer businesses the agility to establish IT infrastructure in remote locations, at events, or during emergencies. They are a beacon of adaptability and cost-efficiency in the technological landscape​​.

An advanced control room within an NEP broadcast trailer featuring a long desk with multiple monitors and broadcasting equipment, showcasing live feeds and operational software in a dimly lit environment.

Rapid deployment for urgent needs

Mobile data center trailers are ideal for urgent setups like disaster recovery or event management. Their quick deployment capability and modular design allow businesses to establish a data center within hours, adapting to the situation's demands. This flexibility is also evident in our mobile workshop trailers, perfect for various operational needs​​​​. With the mobile data center you can collect data like never before. Use an Expandable as a mobile data center now!

A person operates an intuitive control panel with various buttons and a key switch on an Expandable trailer, exemplifying the simplicity and functionality of the setup in an industrial environment.

Secure and eco friendly data centers

Security is paramount in IT operations. Our trailers come with advanced security features, ensuring data integrity on the go. They are also eco-friendly, boasting optimized cooling systems and energy-efficient hardware, similar to the features found in our mobile security trailers.

Furthermore the mobile data centers can be ideal for moments when the data needs to be transported to different locations. Because the trailer has the opportunity to move, there are no limits for your company with the mobility of an Expandable pod, touchdown or trailer.

Beyond Data Centers: The Versatility of Expandable Trailers

Expandable's trailers cater to a wide array of applications beyond mobile data centers. From event management to remote operations, our trailers provide customizable solutions for diverse needs. Explore the vast potential of Expandable trailers and how they can transform your operations.

Why using a mobile data center?

There's a myriad of reasons why businesses are gravitating towards mobile data center trailers. Here are a few:

Fast set up: You can quickly set up a mobile data center in urgent situations, like events or disaster sites. You can establish it within a few hours.

Flexibility: Modular design allows businesses to adjust their size without committing to traditional data centers.

Cost Efficiency: Avoiding brick-and-mortar establishment costs, mobile data centers often present a more affordable option.

Movability: In the need to transport the data centers? It is possible with the mobility of an Expandable movable space.

Considering the myriad of applications, it's no surprise that various industries, from communications to defense, are leveraging this innovative solution.

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