Having over 30 years of experience in LED technologies, event production, and content services, UK-based ADI is no stranger to crafting memorable and eye-catching experiences. Their drive for innovation is what led them to Expandable, to create a hitherto non-existent unit: one with LED panels integrated both inside and out. Head of Marketing Oliver Brindley takes us along from the first steps of this cooperation.

About ADI

ADI has been manufacturing LED screens for decades.Their business is about being seen, whether for themselves or helping othersget noticed. ADI works with major brands in sporting events across the UK and the world, using their screens for both broadcasting and for events and brand activations. Based in the UK, their commitment to innovation has led them to collaborate with Expandable, creating a unique unit featuring integrated LED panels both inside and out.

We are always looking to take something new and different to the market. Expandable allows us to do that.
Oliver Brindley

The power of standing out

“We were looking for a way to showcase our products”, remarks Brindley. “Trailers with a variety of purposes sprung to mind. We wanted one that not only could show our products at different venues across Europe but could alsobe used as a venue for customers.”

He continues: “What attracted us to Expandable is that it’s easy to move, simple to set up, and a welcoming space for us to use in just a few minutes. In this line of business, we see a lot of complicated hospitality units of a specific build. It takes hours for a time to set it up. With Expandable, you have this amazing space at the press of a few buttons.”

One of the reasons for ADI to get an Expandable was so they could do roadshows. “We think the best way to show what we do is to take it to the people”, explains Oliver. “We just want 45 minutes of your time and a small space in your car park. We can invite people into our space and show them our products and ideas, even though we are in their car park. When we finish talking, half an hour later we’re on to the next appointment."

Modern Expandable modular unit with vibrant LED screen display set against an artistic building and autumn foliage, exemplifying cutting-edge event technology.

Something new and different

Over two years, ADI worked with Expandable to create a product that would fit their needs – and screens. Their latest generation of screens is thin and lightweight; in other words, perfect for application within the tight Expandable frame. “Previously this would've been neigh impossible, not so much with Expandable”, says Oliver. “The end result is a great space that is different from anything else on the market. It’s flexible, it looks great, and it’s easy to use.”

He concludes: “We have seen how popular and attractive an Expandable is, and how easy it is to attract a crowd. Wherever we go, people are curious and want totake a look inside. We are always looking to take something new and different to the market. Expandable allows us to do that. We are considering getting a larger one in the future; we’re looking at different ones and different ways to put screens on it.”

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