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Expandable on-set hub for film crews and equipment storage
The image shows two individuals standing next to an overturned, large vehicle chassis, presumably for maintenance or educational purposes. The chassis has multiple axles and wheels, indicating it's from a heavy vehicle like a truck or a bus. The setting is an industrial or warehouse environment, with shelving units in the background containing various boxes, suggesting this might be a storage or a workshop area. The presence of the people gives a sense of scale to the large vehicle parts.
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Our newest groundbreaking design is called the Expandable Touchdown, using patented technology that lets the wheels retract to the back instead of below the unit. Early in the design process, it was clear to us that we needed to make sure we kept this innovation to ourselves. That is why we enlisted the help of the team at Patentwerk to support us during the patent application process. Together, we ensured that Expandable was, is, and will be in control of this innovation – the Touchdown procedure.

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