Expandable event trailer

Visit customers with an Event Trailer

The event trailer is the answer to declining customer engagement. Lower the barrier by offering customers an opportunity to visit you locally – with an event trailer. Design a themed mobile exhibit, display, or presentation to promote your new product, service, cause, or organization on site. An event trailer opens up numerous opportunities for your organization; enabling you to set up at any location, time, or event.

Event marketing is crucial to a marketing campaign. It allows you to engage with your customers and build your brand awareness in a unique way.

A roadshow truck allows you to target customers more efficiently. This way you can develop meaningful relationships and networks, and increase customer engagement by creating an experience they will never forget.

Event trailer for sale at Expandable

At Expandable, we understand the importance of sharing your brand’s message. That is exactly why we have created the Expandable trailers. Our expandable trailers have an extremely fast set-up time and a loading capacity similar to that of conventional trailers. Moreover, they are compatible with big and conventional trucks.

Expandable products carry a lowered sleek design to provide your customers easy access at half the price of our competitors’ trailers. Making our event trailer the most affordable alternative in the event industry.

The Expandable trailer can easily be transformed into a flat walking surface of 65m² with 165m³ free space. It can be further furnished to your preferences and goals. We are able to deliver your new trailer in only 2 months’ time. We also offer a rental option to provide for emergency demand or seasonal use.

MRA Knightscope Roadshow Truck

The event trailer – the apex of customer convenience

Meeting prospects personally is a way to engage with your audience in an unprecedented manner. Take a look at some of the advantages an event marketing experience has to offer you.

  • Target customers more efficiently
  • Target a specific audience of prospects
  • Develop meaningful relationships and network
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Create a memorable experience

Can you imagine a more direct marketing approach that’s as unobtrusive as an event trailer?

An Expandable marketing experience!

Expand your horizon and invest in a mobile marketing experience! Transform the Expandable into a wonderful marketing trailer or exhibition trailer for your next big event! We offer the most affordable prices and are experienced in selling the best mobile containers on the market.

Are you interested in a demonstration of how our event trailer and other Expandables work? You are more than welcome to visit our facility located in Eersel, the Netherlands. Please contact us, so we can provide you with the information you need.

Expandable event trailer

Expand your brand with an event