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Pop-up store

Temporary retail establishments, so-called pop-up stores, have been growing in number, popping up on street corners, in shopping centers, at events, in airports and more, as more brands begin recognizing the benefits of pop-up stores.  Pop-ups allow you to extend your brand and build awareness. Especially for online businesses, they provide a way to interact with customers face-to-face and educate them about new products, services and features.

A flexible approach to modern retail
Our Expandable pop up store trailers are highly customizable, expandable and can be tailored to meet all your specifications. They offer the most cost-effective and flexible approach to modern retail. Since you can put up shop at any location, without the cost and commitment of leasing a permanent business premises.

Customize our Expandable pop up store trailer to meet all your brand requirements, both inside and out. And turn it into a mobile pop-up store. Whether you would like to increase brand awareness, inform or meet your customers, test new markets or just want to sell any surplus stock: pop-up stores have proven to help (e-commerce) businesses increase their profit.

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Pop-up store trailer for sale at Expandable

Pop up store trailers come in all shapes and sizes. But most importantly, they should be customizable for branding and large enough to fulfill your business’ needs. Luckily, we provide a uniquely designed Expandable pop-up store trailer that is suitable for any type of project.

Our trailers include:

  • A loading capacity of 165m3 (similar to conventional trailers).
  • Flat surface walking area of 65m2 with plenty of room for catering equipment and decorations.
  • Interchangeable walls to customize the container’s lay-out.
  • A speedy and convenient setup.
  • And much more!

In addition, our pop-up store trailers come at the most affordable prices, as they are only half the price of the trailers offered by our competitors in the catering/trailer industry!

Expandable Pop-up to meet your needs!

Expandable is all about trying out new things and sharing experiences and offerings with others. At Expandable, we are specialized in selling and manufacturing cutting-edge trailers/containers. We manufacture premium-quality pop-up store trailers in a timely manner.

Expand your horizon today by investing in your new Expandable pop-up store

Are you interested in pop-up store trailers, or do you have any questions? Please contact us so we can provide you with the information you need.

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