Mobile Kitchen Trailer

Mobile Kitchen Trailer for various applications

Share amazing food around the country. Offer a wide variety of foods, ranging from burgers to sandwiches, and hotdogs to churros. Market and promote your food with a mobile kitchen trailer!

Mobile kitchen trailers allow restaurant owners, professional cooks, merchandise vendors, and food vendors to set up shop anywhere. Serve your customers anytime, anywhere. A food trailer is a great way to promote your restaurant or brand at any kind of event. A mobile kitchen is a great alternative to opening up a full restaurant since it involves fewer risks and starting costs.

Choose your mobile kitchen based on the amount of space you need; different menus ask for different sizing requirements. Additionally, extra space allows for producing more food or meals. A mobile kitchen trailer is a perfect companion for a catering trailer or hospitality trailer.

Mobile kitchen trailer for sale at Expandable

Expandable produces and sells affordable trailers/containers that can be modified for a variety of purposes and projects. The trailer has a loading capacity of 165m3 (similar to conventional trailers) and a flat surface of 65m2. This is enough space to fit any type of equipment.

Equip your Expandable trailer with all kinds of kitchen equipment. A flat-top grill, deep fryer, refrigerator, vertical broiler, and convection oven transform your trailer into a mobile kitchen trailer. Its modular wall panels enable various configurations. Perfect for designing a mobile kitchen set-up that specifically fits your menu.

Our trailers have a modern design and can be installed quickly and effortlessly. Making the Expandable kitchen trailer perfect for promotional purposes. And, the best part is that we charge only half the price of our competitors. This makes the Expandable a feasible promotional vehicle.

A Canon promotional tour featuring an expandable trailer as a mobile showroom, displaying various Canon products.

Puzzle together your mobile food experience

Sharing your amazing dishes has never been easier. We have the pieces so you can complete the puzzle!

  • One trailer for your fully equipped kitchen
  • One trailer for a unique dining experience
  • One trailer for storage of materials and food

Let us help you share your savory experience with the world! What exactly do you need?

Expandable serves you the perfect mobile kitchen trailer

Enjoy the Expandable’s great flexibility and become the best mobile cook in your area! We are passionate about our products and ensure that all our trailers are of premium quality.

If you are looking for a mobile kitchen, our Expandable trailer is just what you need. With only 2 months of production time, we will deliver your new trailer right to your doorstep.

Are you interested or do you have any questions? Please contact us, so we can provide you with the information you need.

Expandable Mobile Kitchen Trailer



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