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Film set trailer – manage your movie production

Film sets can be hectic. For everything that takes place on the screen, there are countless tasks that take place behind the scene. A film set trailer can be a place to get away from it all. This increases efficiency: from reviewing and editing to meetings and administrative tasks.

Our Expandable film set trailer is fully attuned to your own best practices, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific production. And best of all; if your production moves to the next location, the Expandable film set trailer can just move along.

Film set trailer for sale at Expandable

If you are looking for a film set trailer, our Expandable trailers are the golden choice when it comes to being versatile, user-friendly, and qualitative. All of our Expandable products can easily be set up by only one single person. With just the press of a button, your film set trailer is ready to use within a few minutes. Perfect for use if your production requires multiple locations to shoot.

All of our trailers have modular walls that can be customized. With a loading capacity of 165m³ and a flat walking surface of 65m², they can easily be transformed into a well-furnished film set trailer. The Expandable film set trailer has more than enough space to implement a meeting room and multiple working stations.

Film set trailer

Customize your film set trailer

Further equip your trailer with TV screens, computers, a copier, and any other necessary production equipment. This turns your Expandable into a full-fledged movie set trailer. For every demand, we have a fitting solution. Making sure you have what you need is of the utmost importance: once the on-set shooting starts, it's hard to go back when you forgot something.

An Expandable film set trailer serves the needs of your production team: from pre-production to principal photography to post-production. If this trailer is too big for your production, the Expandable container (33m²) or hybrid trailer (53m²) might be better suited for you.

Choose Expandable for your next production

Passion and craftsmanship ensure high-quality trailers that are reliable and easy to use. Our optimized in-house production process enables us to deliver your Expandable both at an affordable price and on short notice.

Order your new film set trailer today and we will deliver it to you within 2 months. That’s an Expandable guarantee! Besides purchasing, it’s also possible to rent one of our trailers for a period longer than 3 months.

Are you interested in our trailer, or do you have any questions? Please contact us, so we can provide you with the information you need.

Movie set trailer en film set trailer

Film set trailer

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