Mobile Shower Trailer

Portable luxury showers for comfort and hygiene

Outdoor adventures and events often lack the convenience of home-like facilities. Expandable's Mobile Shower Trailer bridges this gap, offering a fully-equipped, portable shower experience that doesn’t compromise on comfort or hygiene. It's an ideal addition to any outdoor setting where cleanliness and luxury are valued.

Transport of an expandable mobile shower trailer

Showering luxury outdoor with mobile shower trailers

Designed to elevate the outdoor experience, these movable spaces are equipped with multiple shower stalls, ensuring privacy and comfort for each user. The spacious interior, complete with a well-lit mirror, sturdy bench, and hooks, makes it more than just a shower: it's a complete movable dressing room.

These trailers boast an efficient heating system, ensuring warm, comfortable showers regardless of the weather outside. This feature is particularly beneficial in colder climates or during night events, providing a warm respite to guests. The seamless flow of hot water and the calming ambiance inside the trailer mimic the comforts of a home shower, making it an appealing feature for outdoor events and camping sites.

The inside of an Expandable trailer where are different possibilities to build showers in

Hygiene and comfort on the go

Hygiene is a cornerstone of the Expandable Mobile Shower Trailer. Rigorously cleaned and regularly disinfected, these trailers guarantee a spotless and safe shower experience. This commitment to cleanliness is critical for maintaining high hygiene standards at events, festivals, and campsites.

Inclusivity and easy to use are another essential aspects of these movable spaces. Designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities, they ensure accessibility for all guests. This inclusive design demonstrates Expandable's commitment to providing comfortable facilities for every user, no matter who you are.

An Accessible Shower Trailer.

We believe everyone should have access to clean and easy-to-use showers. That's why we offer the opportunity to create a mobile shower trailer that is easy to get into and use, no matter your abilities. It's important to us that everyone can use a clean and comfortable shower.

Now, picture this versatile solution in various scenarios:

  • Outdoor Events: Mobile shower trailers enhance outdoor activities such as music festivals and sports events.
  • Camping Adventures: Enjoy camping without forgoing the luxury of a warm shower after a day of outdoor exploration.
  • Construction Sites: Keep your workforce comfortable and clean with on-site shower facilities, prioritizing their well-being.
  • Emergency Response: In times of crises like natural disasters or water supply disruptions, the portable shower trailer proves in maintaining hygiene and comfort.

Our other hygiene-related solutions

Our commitment to achieve your mobile experience extends beyond mobile shower trailers. We offer a range of solutions to cater to your hygiene needs:

  • Mobile Restrooms: Elevate your outdoor event with clean and convenient restroom facilities that match the quality of our shower trailers.
  • Mobile food trailer: Ever imagined having a kitchen that can travel with you? It is within reach. At Expandable, we're beyond excited to introduce you to these culinary wonders on wheels.
  • Hospitality Trailers: Discover our hospitality trailers, ideal for enhancing your mobile comfort solutions and taking your event to the next level.

Our goal is to make any event or situation smooth and enjoyable. Whether you're in nature or at a busy worksite, our mobile shower trailer can provide a comfortable and clean oasis. No matter where you go, Expandable got you covered.

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