Motocross Trailer

Revolution within the support of sport

Elevate the motocross journey of a lifetime with Expandable's motocross trailers. Designed for the sport, these trailers provide a movable, robust support system tailored to the dynamic needs of motocross enthusiasts. Are you going to use a champion of an trailer to win the motocross competition?

Twilight scene of a spacious motocross trailer with transparent walls, showcasing the interior and the Husqvarna logo, at a quiet event site.

Mobility meets performace with the motocross trailer

Expandable's motocross trailers are revolutionizing the motor sports world with their exceptional mobility and versatility. Designed specifically for motocross athletes and teams, these trailers offer a convenient solution for transporting gear, bikes, and other essential equipment. But their utility goes beyond mere transportation. They provide a professional, functional base at any motocross event location, allowing for a swift, efficient setup. These trailers embody the spirit of motocross: agility and speed.

They go beyond mere transportation; they constitute a vital component of the team's strategy, providing well-organized and easily accessible support. This gives competitors a crucial advantage in an intensely competitive environment.

Interior view of a motocross trailer with sleek, modern design, featuring a Kawasaki racing bike and team branding illuminated by overhead lights.

A Movable Base for Every Track

Adaptability is key in the fast-paced world of motocross, and Expandable's trailers are designed to meet the evolving challenges of each event. These movable spaces serve as a movable base that can be easily transported to various racing locations, from outdoor tracks to professional racing circuits. They provide ample storage for all necessary gear, a spacious workspace for maintenance and preparation, and the flexibility to adapt to different terrains and environments.

Are you ready to win this race with Expandable?

Get on track with Expandable

Are you ready to change your motocrossexperience? You can take a look at our 3D Configurator to look at all available options. Or you can contact us to explore our custom motocross trailers and find the optimal support solution for your need. We also offer other options, like a mobile car showroom or a control room to get the control about the motocross race you need.

Why Choose a Motocross Trailer?

Our motocross trailer can be set up in a couple of minutes by a single person. Easy installation is only a few buttons away! Your motocross trailer can quickly be installed at a convenient location.

A motocross trailer is more than a transportation tool. It's a symbol of your passion and dedication to the sport. Furthermore, our products are known for their:  

  • Design: sleek, innovative, and user-friendly
  • Compatibility: with big- and conventional trucks
  • Economical: a low total cost of ownership
  • Durability: built to withstand tough conditions
  • Convenience: easily load and unload your bikes
  • Versatile: perfect for personal use or professional races

With Expandable, you're choosing a blend of style, function, and flexibility that truly redefines the journey.

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