Hospitality Trailer

Hospitality Trailer

a hospitality trailer is often used for special events and are able to serve as a catering trailer for sponsors, important guests and affiliated organizations. During the event, you can welcome customers, sponsors and other associates on board for a wonderful shared experience.

A hospitality trailer allows for a laidback environment to meet, connect and develop meaningful relationships with your audiences. Decorate the interior and exterior of your hospitality trailer according to your preferences to completely convey your brand’s message.

a mobile unit is versatile and grant you the possibility to set up shop at multiple locations at any occasion. Stand out and offer your guests a bite to eat, a couple of lovely drinks – and, of course – a remarkable experience.

Hospitality trailer for sale at Expandable

Expandable trailers are all-round mobile trailers suited for a wide variety of purposes, this includes being capable to transform into a hospitality trailer at any event.

Establishing a mobile diner, lounge, or restaurant demands enough space to work with. Fortunately, our Expandable trailer have a loading capacity of 165m3 with a flat moving area of 65m2, which is plenty of room to conceive the hospitality setting that your business requires. Additionally, setting-up the trailers takes a couple of minutes and only one individual at the wheel.

Our expandable trailers carry interchangeable walls that allow for full-customization, only 2 months of leading time, and an unique design. And, the best of all is it’s price tag. The Expandable trailers costs only half the price of traditional trailers and containers, which makes us the most affordable choice on the market.

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Need a trailer for your next event? Try out the Expandable! Our trailers can be rented for periods longer than 3 months.

At Expandable, we are highly specialized in manufacturing and selling affordable trailers to mobile container/trailer enthusiasts. Moreover, we ensure first-rate quality products

Are you interested in an expandable trailer, or do you have any questions? Please contact us, so we can provide you with the information you need.

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Hospitality Trailer

Expandable hospitality trailer

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