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Double Expandable Trailer

At Expandable, we design and build innovative movable spaces. Based on a smartly engineered mobile concept combined with a well-thought-out design, our movable spaces are unique, attractive, and inviting. The volume of our movables can be extended by sliding both longitudinal slides outwards. When extended, the floor area of our largest Double Expandable Trailer comprises well up to 62m². Making you feel like you are in a real and permanent building.

A user-friendly approach

At Expandable, we attach great importance to the ease of use of our products and its convenience for end-users. Due to a hydraulic system and our handy wireless remote control, our Double Expandable Trailers are easily set up and ready for use within just 15 minutes. The Double Expandable Trailer can be placed at any desired location needing only one person at the wheel.

Highly versatile Double Expandable Trailers

All of our Double Expandable Trailers are fully customizable to meet your business’s requirements. Interchangeable walls and a substantial amount of free space allow for customization, furnishing, and detailing to realize the ideal mobile trailer that is fit for purpose. Perfect for use in a wide range of applications. From small corporate events to large exhibitions, roadshows, product launches, and many more. Please visit our reference page to see how others have gone ahead of you.

Buy your brand new Double Expandable Trailer now and we can deliver it to you within only 2 months. We also offer the possibility to rent our Expandable’s for any period longer than 3 months.

Are you interested in our Double Expandable Trailers or do you want to learn how we can help your business? Please contact us, so we can provide you with the information you need.

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