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Returning to events in a post-COVID world

When COVID-19 hit, people were quick to organize their events digitally; just as quickly, they discovered that there is no substitute for real human interaction. The last few years saw a huge rise in mobile marketing. As the pandemic is on its way out, mobile marketing has shown it’s here to stay.

Going back to physical events - or not?

And just like that, events ceased to exist. Digital events sprung up like mushrooms as people looked for ways to keep being able to connect with others. Then other savvy marketeers took their events on the road, still able to connect with prospects even within important health and safety regulations. And so, many companies went full throttle with mobile marketing. With the pandemic on its return, however, companies aren’t about to take their foot off the pedal. Physical events may have permanently changed because of it.

Physical, digital or hybrid event?

That brings us to an important choice – what kind of event will you host?

Virtual events may seem like the best of the bunch at first glance – they’re the most affordable, they can easily garner a large crowd, and they’re the best solution when there are harsh health and safety regulations in place. On the other hand, networking is the core motivation for people to participate. Plus, the level of online participation isn’t as dedicated as in real life.

Physical events, on the other hand, are the perfect opportunity to get in touch with prospects and customers. However, costs may be prohibitive; venue rent, catering, furniture rent, and insurance, to name a few expenses. Physical events are also the most prone to another COVID revival, which can do anything from increasing your costs (think hand sanitisers, scanning QR codes) to outright cancelling it. However, there is just no alternative when it comes to meeting people in the flesh and properly introducing your product to them“I had an idea for an expandable trailer”, Noorman continues. “Turns out there was this company who had already developed this concept. For me, it was only natural to join forces with them. Combining an expandable trailer with led screens opens up a whole slew of possibilities. It can serve as a jury trailer, studio trailer, merchandise trailer, presentation trailer or a trailer for time registration at cycling events – just to name a few.”

Hybrid events – part digital, part physical – might sound like the perfect middle ground. Physical spaces get smaller while you can potentially include more attendees online. However, the twofold structure of hybrid events takes a serious bite out of its usefulness for networking.

Challenges for physical events going forward

Post-COVID, ensuring health and safety is key now more than ever. Working with relevant authorities and organizations, you can establish the necessary hygiene and medical measures that will be taken. Furthermore, what local restrictions are there for you to adhere to? Are mouth masks mandatory? Luckily, modern solutions can help alleviate matters; from event registration and check-ins to pop-up locations suited for a targeted audience.

Many people have experienced successful digital events from the comfort of their own homes. Physical events need to step up their game to show they are worth attending for people who’ve grown accustomed to the digital realm.

Hosting events in a mobile manner

There is one more type of event we need to talk about: mobile events. Yes, they’re a subset of physical events – but they’re also much more than that. They take physical events to the next level, and they proved to be a valid alternative to digital events, even during lockdowns. While you might not be able to rent a conference hall (heck, the venue might not even be open) or adhere to all safety protocols, a mobile solution might be just what you needed.

Mobile marketing advantages

Even now, in the lingering aftermath of COVID (or anticipating future lockdowns), it might still not be possible to have the physical event you were able to host two years ago. That’s where a mobile solution comes in. Think about it:

  • You can host it anywhere you like
  • You can still meet people face-to-face without the usual costs of in-person events
  • A smaller scale is easier for adhering to health regulations
  • Employ a more focused and targeted networking experience
  • The best of both worlds: the effectiveness of physical events with the costs of digital events

As the world slowly opened up and got back to how it was in the before-times, the flexibility of mobile event solutions hasn’t been forgotten.


If you plan to host an event in the future, you must make it worthwhile for attendees. With all the advantages of hosting a mobile event, you might just tide them over. Invite them to a locally organised event in a pop-up location, initiate targeted networking, and let the power of your product do the rest.

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