At Expandable, we are more than proud of our products and clients. That is why we would like to show you what we do, and let your clients tell you about their experiences with Expandable. Below you can discover all about what makes Expandable products so unique. Please take a look below! 

Eurotech Sports & Events
Innovation is all about combining

Wim Noorman, CEO of Eurotech Sports & Events, has been active in the field of sports innovation since 1991 – the year Eurotech was founded. This is the story of how the man who reinvigorated the Dutch national bob and sled union (BSBN) also supplied the finish line for the cycling Amstel Gold Race. For Noorman, this was a long-cherished wish that finally came true. With help from Expandable.

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Eurotech multi-purpose trailer

Working at Expandable
Bart is involved in the product from a(xle) to z

Bart van Lieshout (36) started working as a mechanic at Expandable, at the end of last year. He was looking for a new challenge and found it at Expandable. As someone who started his career as a spray painter, he has now been an assembler for a few years. He is happy to tell you how this came about, and what it is like to work at Expandable.

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Bart Monteur

Rijschool Roordink
Thinking outside the box

Thinking outside the box is hard, but indispensable. Pieter Roordink, founder of driving school Rijschool Roordink, knows this all too well. Transportation was, and always will be, a cornerstone of society. Therefore, innovative concepts are cutting-edge – especially an easily transportable unit to host refresher training courses for truck drivers in. By taking this existing training ‘on the road’, Roordink was able to lower the threshold. A movable facility that didn’t feel like an ’old stale dusty box’ was just what Pieter needed. And within a few minutes of browsing online, he found Expandable.

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Pieter Roordink from Rijschool Roordink

Expandable container
Let's take a closer look

Space is at a premium pretty much everywhere. You need it to properly show your business and what you do. Maybe you need to work on-site and want to make sure you have all the right tools at your disposal. Expandable allows you to take matters into your own hands. No longer are you at the mercy of crappy foldout tables with ditto chairs and bleak lighting that makes hospitals look welcoming in comparison. Today, we take a closer look at the Expandable container and its features.

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unloading expandable container

A versatile mobile workshop

Because our units are so versatile, our clientele is very diverse. Everyone has their own story; sometimes they discover features they weren’t aware of when they bought it, sometimes they come up with new possibilities that we ourselves hadn’t thought of. Antti Pyrhönen, team manager of the ICEONE Rockstar Energy Kawasaki Racing Team, didn’t know what to expect of Expandable trailers. Antti is a well-known person in MXGP – first as a formidable racer, now as a just as formidable team manager. He was positively surprised by our Expandables. This is his story.

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Van Essen Catering
Hospitality at its finest

This story is from one of our first clients, Van Essen Catering & Events, a top-notch provider of culinary experiences for events, parties and more. As our trailer is so diverse, well equipped and, smart looking, Van Essen ended up using our trailer for so much more than intended to. 

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Corona CT scanners travel the world from Eersel
Patients quickly examined in container

Due to the corona crisis, Expandable Healthcare has extra work. Gevers: We've noticed a demand for our containers and other units in which people can be scanned, because there are capacity problems in a number of places. The advantage of the containers is that they are fairly easy to ship, so the logistics costs are low." (Dutch-language article.)

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movable CT scanners

Oh no, corona...
... and the solution to reach your customers anyway

January 2020. The budget is final, the targets are fixed. It will be a wonderful year. Five exhibitions are planned and the marketing machine is running at full speed. March 2020. Ho. Stop. Wait... what just happened?

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