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Sports trailer – the best option for your team

Sports events have more followers, fans, and viewers than ever. That is why it is important to think about the right sports event marketing. Our Expandable sports trailer can be the ultimate tool during your sports events.

When organizing or attending a sports event – whether it be auto racing, motorsports, cycling, equestrian sports, or golf – you want your organization to stand out amongst the crowd. Furthermore, you want to offer your guests a warm welcome and allow them to enjoy the sport in the best possible way.

Let your brand shine

Hospitality sports trailers are beneficial for your organization and your guests. Your sports team can rest and relax before and after their endeavor. Meanwhile, you can entertain your guests to promote your brand. 

We have more trailers that could be a good fit for your (sports) event. Like the event trailerhospitality trailer, or catering trailer. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities.

Expandable manufactures specialized sports trailers that can be customized, both inside and out, to meet your special requirements for any kind of sports event. Providing you with the best option to promote your organization. Give your guests an experience to remember, while strengthening your brand.

Expandable sports trailer

Sports trailer applications

Sports events are usually bustling with energy. That’s great, but it can also be overwhelming. That is why the retreat of a sports trailer is very welcome at events around the world. It is a nice place to relax in, to meet people, but also usable as a portable workspace.

The good thing is, any Expandable sports trailer is customizable to meet your needs. Just tell us how you want your trailer to look, and what functionalities you need, and we’ll make it happen. But don’t worry – we also have standard models available.

A sports trailer has many applications. Just to give you an idea, here are a few:

  • Have a designated place to welcome your guests in
  • Meet your relations in a private, enclosed area
  • Have a spacious place for your team to relax before or after their effort
  • Bring your own personal garage or storage with you to every sports event
  • Have a getaway from all that’s bustling around you

Sports trailer for sale at Expandable

At Expandable, we understand the importance of sharing your brand’s message. That is exactly why we have created the Expandable sports trailer. Our mobile sports trailers have an extremely fast set-up time and a loading capacity similar to that of conventional trailers. Moreover, they are compatible with big and conventional trucks.

The Expandable carries a sleek design that can be lowered to provide your customers easy access, and comes at half the price of our competitors’ trailers. Making it the most affordable alternative in the sports trailer industry.

A versatile mobile workshop

Because our units are so versatile, our clientele is very diverse. Everyone has their own story; sometimes they discover features they weren’t aware of when they bought it, sometimes they come up with new possibilities that we ourselves hadn’t thought of. Antti Pyrhönen, team manager of the ICEONE Rockstar Energy Kawasaki Racing Team, didn’t know what to expect of Expandable trailers. Antti is a well-known person in MXGP – first as a formidable racer, now as a just as formidable team manager. He was positively surprised by our Expandables. This is his story.

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Protection from the elements

Gone are the days of shielding yourself from the pouring rain and beating winds, where you just can’t seem to warm up. Or the other way around; trying to find shade or cooling yourself in the blistering summer heat. Because every Expandable sports trailer can be outfitted with an air conditioning system, the cold and heat pose no threat to you anymore. Plus, the walls and windows are sound-absorbent, so even outside noise and music aren’t as loud as they are elsewhere.

If you have ever set up camp everywhere, these struggles will sound familiar to you. It feels really bad to see your tent collapsed during a rain shower, and now all your equipment is wet. To that, we say ‘no more’! With an Expandable, these things are ancient history.

Rent or buy sports trailer

The trailer can easily be transformed into a flat walking surface of 65m² with a substantial amount of free space – 165m³ to be exact – to be furnished to your preferences and goals. Plus, we are able to deliver your new event trailer in just 2 months’ time.

If you are in the market for a temporary sports trailer, our vehicles are also for hire for periods up to 3 months.

Are you interested or do you have any questions about our sports trailers? Please contact us, so we can provide you with the information you need. If you want to get a demonstration of how our Expandables work, we gladly invite you to our facility located in Eersel, the Netherlands.

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Le Tour de france trailer

Once the sports trailer is installed and extended, the volume practically doubles in size!