Artist Trailer

Inspiring spaces for expression and comfort

In the creative world, an artist's environment is as vital as their talent. Expandable's Artist Trailers provide a second rule of artistic expression – a customizable, movable space that adapts to various artistic needs. Whether on a film set, at a music festival, or during a touring art show, these trailers serve as personal studios, dressing rooms, and creative sanctuaries for artists.

Inside of a container to use as a place for artists.

A Retreat for Roaming Artistry

Does your movie project require a comfortable space for artists? A place where they can rest and work during longer shoots? With Expandable's Artist Trailer, you can ensure your artists are content, providing them with the privacy they need. Expandable's Artist Trailers aren't just spaces; they're havens for creativity. Imagine a film set where actors and artists discover their tranquil space amidst the chaos – a trailer tailored to their specific needs and style. With Expandable Movable Spaces, the artist trailer travels with the production, easily set up at each new location, offering a consistent and comforting environment for artists to prepare.

Expandable trailer in the BrabantHallen for artists.

Customized spaces for creative minds in the artist trailer

Flexibility is at the heart of Expandable's Artist Trailers. They are compact for transport yet spacious when set up, offering ample room for various creative activities. These trailers can be outfitted with features like a kitchenette, restroom, and lounge area, providing all the amenities needed for artists to work effectively.

Expandable artist trailers are versatile spaces, perfect for a range of artistic disciplines. From serving as a dressing room on movie sets to being transformed into a mobile photography studio or a portable music studio, the possibilities are endless. They provide artists with a flexible, comfortable environment that encourages creativity, ensuring that no matter where they are, they have the space to create and perform at their best.

Artist trailers for the stars

The Expandable artist trailer is compact during transport but spacious when fully set up. This creates more space for the production team to work in. These trailers are often used on movie and television sets and can be outfitted with a variety of different features to make the production team's job easier. Additional options include a kitchenette, restroom, and lounge area.

There is also a opportunity to use Expandable as a hair and make up trailer, so the actors are well prepared to shine on camera.

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