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Mobile retail store

While web shops keep drawing people away from brick and mortar stores, store owners struggle to keep a steady stream of customers coming to their doors. The answer might not be as black and white as you’d imagine – let us introduce you to the mobile retail store, allowing retailers to take their carefully crafted buyer experience straight to the buyers!

Reaching new customers

Did video kill the radio star? Have computers made phones obsolete? Hardly! The latter question shows that two things competing for the same space can still exist side by side. Just like that, a mobile retail store doesn’t exclude other venues of sale. One could say it strengthens your other outlets as well. A mobile retail store can reach new customers while solidifying the image and autonomy of your brand, providing a personal buying experience. In this regard, a mobile retail store functions as a mobile pop-up store – but it can be so much more.


Advantages of a mobile research store

One of the downsides of traditional stores is having to go out and visit them, as opposed to the immediate accessibility of webshops. However, webshops often suffer from a lack of information, leading to people buying the wrong things or not buying anything at all.

A mobile retail store is a hyper-localized venue that seeks to get close to potential and existing customers online, combining the advantage of existing retail channels: it unites the directness of web stores with the physicality of traditional shops. Furthermore, a mobile store offers the following advantages:

  • Next level customer experience – buying assistance, create relationships, connecting digital to physical and vice versa
  • Click & collect – online orders with same-day pick-up at a mobile retail store
  • A chance for people to see the products before committing to buying (online)
  • Flexibility and greater reach than traditional brick-and-mortar stores

Combining the physical with the digital

Mobile research is a big factor in comparing prices and raising product awareness. More often than not, people enter a physical store armed with the necessary knowledge to buy what they need. Interestingly, data shows that of all mobile customers, 13% complete their purchase while they are in the actual store. The power of physically inspecting your next purchase cannot be underestimated!

Our trailers include:
  • 165m³ loading capacity (similar to conventional trailers)
  • Flat surface walking area of 65m² with plenty of room for (fixed) equipment and decorations
  • Interchangeable walls to customize the container’s layout
  • A quick and easy setup – 15 minutes for just one person
  • And much more!


Expandable container
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Space is at a premium pretty much everywhere. You need it to properly show your business and what you do. Maybe you need to work on-site and want to make sure you have all the right tools at your disposal. Expandable allows you to take matters into your own hands. No longer are you at the mercy of crappy foldout tables with ditto chairs and bleak lighting that makes hospitals look welcoming in comparison.

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In short, Expandable products are highly customizable, easy to handle, and expandable – the most cost-efficient and flexible approach to modern retail. Would you like to own one or experience the possibilities yourself? Please contact us so we can provide you with the information you need. If you are interested, we can even give you a tour and demonstration in our factory in Eersel, the Netherlands.

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