Expandable Hooklift Container

Movable spaces

This Expandable is especially designed to be transported by means of a hook lift truck. The container can be easily picked-up and dropped-off with high accuracy, ensuring your Expandable is exactly where you want it to be. Due to its compact design, the container is particularly suitable for product presentations.

Hooklift Container guaranteeing easy set-up and accessibility

One of the distinguishing features of this movable space is its easy and fast set-up. The container can be extended without a hitch by means of a wireless remote control needing only one person at the wheel. Within 20 minutes the container is ready to use. Compact during transportation, the Expandable comprises a flat walking surface of 32m² once extended. And with a step height of only 33cm, the container can easily be accessed without the need for any stairs.

Endless possibilities with Expandable

The standard Hooklift container comes in a smart and luxurious design with a high-end finish. The container can be further attuned to meet all your specific needs. Both inside and out. For example, equip the container with harmonica doors or sliding doors to create a unique, open and inviting space. As the hooklift system ensures easy transportation to any location, this container is perfect to be employed as mobile showroom or exhibition room. Please have a look at our configuration page to see examples of different windows and entrance possibilities.



Mobile container

Construction and configurations

Expandable trailers are known for their conceptual designs. Select one or more of our wide range of options for easy customization of your container. All Expandables can be set up quickly, in less than 20 minutes, by one single person.



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Race trailer Dakar race support trailer

Expandable container

Used in the Dakar rally


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