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Are you looking to make a big impact at a trade show or convention next year? Are you looking for a way to stand out? Expandable Trailers has the solution.

Our containers and trailers are the perfect solutions if you want to stand out from the rest. With an eye-catching appearance and innovative design, they are real eye-catchers that will draw crowds. More audience equals more leads and therefore more sales. We don't need to tell you that.

Why choose Expandable?


You can use them for all kinds of purposes at a convention, from showroom to meeting room to conference hall.


Designed with portability in mind. They are easy to move with an ordinary truck. No crane or special vehicle needed!



On location but also on the move. Their unique construction makes them compact when retracted, but with a surprising load capacity.


Our state-of-the-art mobile spaces are unique and inviting, based on a cleverly designed mobile concept combined with attractive, trendy and luxurious design.


Compared to other convention stands, our units are a cost-effective way to make a big impact.


Escape the noise of the convention floor in a virtually soundproof venue to talk to people or hold presentations.

Set-up: 1 person, 15 minutes

You don't need to be a techie to operate and set up an Expandable. The user-friendly hydraulic system is easy to use with wireless remote control.

The result? In just 15 minutes, anyone can set up an Expandable. In the blink of an eye, the floor area of an Expandable doubles.

What our customers say

Logo of our client Xtreme concepts logo

"Our business is all about trust. We know we can trust Expandable. They will always play an important role for us."

- Serge Blommaert, Xtreme Concepts

"I am always looking for innovation – how to do something faster, smarter, cheaper, better. Eurotech and Expandable share a common goal; to deliver a unique and optimal experience."

- Wim Noorman, Eurotech Sports & Events

Logo of our client eurotech sports and events
Logo of our client facilities by adf

"I see Expandable as a partner, not a supplier. Expandable delivers high-quality products, which allows us to set the bar high in our field."

- Marsden Proctor, Facilities by ADF

Theo van Essen, Van Essen Catering & Events

"When guests walk in, they are immediately amazed at how nice and smooth the Expandable is. Nice and warm, well lit - much better than a flapping tent."


Make your next convention a success

Are you ready to make your mark at your next convention? Contact us today to find out more about how Expandable can help you achieve your goal.

I want my next convention to be a success!


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