Expandable Hybrid mid 2024 edition

  • Premium glass with electric sliding doors
  • Air conditioning
  • Front car entrance
  • LED interior lighting
  • Cargo lashing points suitable for indoor car entrance
  • Double-hinged glazed front entrance doors
  • Setup in 15 minuten by a single person
  • Offers a flat surface area of 50+ square meters
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Fully expanded Expandable Hybrid unit with lights highlighting the spacious interior.
  • 62 square meters of surface area
  • Setup in 15 minuten by a single person
  • Easy setup with integrated controller
  • Twist locks and lashing traps for safe transportation
  • More than double the square area when expanded
  • Usable as cargo space during transport
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      € 290.000,-
      Reference numberHY40222
      AvailableRight Now
      LocationEersel, The Netherlands

      The Expandable Hybrid - Mid-2024 Edition is designed for ultimate flexibility and ease of use. With premium glass features, a low step height, and advanced remote control setup, this unit is perfect for a variety of applications. It provides a spacious and easily accessible environment, ensuring comfort and functionality.

      Image gallery

      Expandable Hybrid from the back, highlighting the opened structure and illuminated interior.
      Side view of the fully expanded Expandable Hybrid with a well-lit interior.
      Side view of the Expandable Hybrid unit partially expanded with lights illuminating the interior.
      Side view of the Expandable Hybrid on a transport frame ready for relocation.
      Compact Expandable Hybrid unit closed and stored in a large indoor facility.
      Well-lit interior space of the Expandable Hybrid unit with wooden flooring.
      Expandable Hybrid's interior showing a partitioned area and stylish design.
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      Product description

      The Expandable Hybrid is specifically designed for situations where a low step height is required. Once detached and installed, the chassis is only 38 cm off the ground. Equipped with a glass wall and sliding doors, it offers a transparent and easily accessible space. The Expandable Hybrid, with a total length of 12.6 meters, features an internal space to store the axle assembly out of sight after installation. This internal space can be fully integrated into the interior design of the trailer. Our Hybrid can be transported to any desired location by either a normal or a low-deck truck. Thanks to our hydraulic remote control system, we guarantee an easy setup with just the press of a button.

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      Product features

    • Premium glass with electric sliding doors
    • Durable PVC flooring finish
    • Efficient air conditioning system
    • Front car entrance for easy vehicle access
    • Modern LED interior lighting
    • Secure cargo lashing points suitable for indoor vehicle access
    • Convenient 220V electricity sockets
    • Double-hinged glazed front entrance doors
    • Vehicle ramps included for smooth loading
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      Do you have any questions about Expandable products and how to use them? We've compiled the questions we get asked the most and answered them. If your question isn't on here, please reach out.

      Absolutely, our movable spaces are designed to accommodate solar panels on the roof. Depending on the surface area and the type of panels used, you can harness up to 4 kW of solar power under ideal conditions, enhancing the eco-friendliness and energy efficiency of our units.

      No external power source is needed for setting up our Expandable movable spaces. They come equipped with an integrated power pack and batteries, ensuring a self-sufficient setup process. The batteries are automatically recharged once connected to the main power, making our products ideal for remote and off-grid applications.

      In case the radio remote controller is misplaced, our Expandable movable spaces are equipped with a fail-safe system. You'll find manual control buttons at the receiver, allowing you to operate the unit as usual. A new remote controller can be easily synchronized with the existing system, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

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