DAF XG+ with climate pack

  • DAF XG+ MX 13 with a robust 480 HP engine for powerful transport.
  • Meets Euro 6 standards, ensuring environmentally friendly operations.
  • Climate pack with heating and cooling for all-weather comfort.
  • Twist-lock system for easy and secure 30ft and 25ft container handling.
  • Equipped with the latest system for connectivity and entertainment.
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View of DAF XG+ Truck
  • 62 square meters of surface area
  • Setup in 15 minuten by a single person
  • Easy setup with integrated controller
  • Twist locks and lashing traps for safe transportation
  • More than double the square area when expanded
  • Usable as cargo space during transport
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      € 162.000,-
      Reference numberEXP-DAF01
      AvailableRight now
      LocationEersel, The Netherlands

      The DAF XG+ MX 13 combines a 480 HP engine with Euro 6 efficiency, advanced container security, and all-climate comfort, wrapped up with cutting-edge connectivity for the modern road.

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      Sleek Expandable DAF XG+ MX 13 truck with 480 HP and a dark grey RAL 7021 exterior parked outdoors, ready for mobile broadcasts and event promotions.
      Expandable's DAF XG+ MX 13 truck parked outdoors, illustrating its customizable features for road shows and product launch events, with a twist-lock mounting system
      Close-up of Expandable's DAF XG+ MX 13 dashboard displaying the state-of-the-art infotainment system and Euro 6 compliant controls.
      Side view of Expandable's multifunctional DAF XG+ MX 13 truck, featuring 480 FAS and a twist-lock mounting system for 30ft and 25ft Pods.
      Inside the cabin of Expandable's DAF XG+ truck featuring an advanced infotainment system and automatic climate control for optimal driver comfort.
      tional DAF XG+ MX 13 truck, featuring 480 FAS and a twist-lock mounting system
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      Product description

      DAF XG+ MX 13, boasting a 480 HP engine and a 6x2 axle configuration for optimal efficiency and maneuverability. Finished in a sophisticated dark grey (RAL 7021), this model meets Euro 6 emission standards, balancing power with environmental responsibility. Features include an automatic transmission, a comprehensive climate pack for year-round comfort, an advanced infotainment system, and a versatile twist-lock system for 30ft and 25ft pods. Experience unmatched performance and versatility with the DAF XG+ MX 13.

      Transporting Expandable Pods has never been easier, thanks to the twist-lock mounting system. With the ability to accommodate both Expandable 30ft and 25ft Pod sizes, this innovative system provides secure and efficient container transportation, saving you time and effort during loading and unloading operations.

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      Product features

      • DAF XG+ MX 13 (480 HP)
      • 6x2 axle configuration
      • 480 FAS (355kw)
      • Emission standards euro 6
      • Automatic transmission
      • RAL 7021 (dark grey)exterior color
      • Climate pack including parkheating and cooling
      • Infotainment system
      • Twist-lock mounting system(30ft and 25ft Pod size)

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