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Food brings people together and the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Our catering trailer could be a great solution. Mobile catering can be considered as an upcoming trend from recent years. For that reason, more firms choose to cater a genuine restaurant experience for their customers with a catering trailer. This is all possible, due to the recent advancements in mobile trailers and containers.

Mobile catering trailer

Mobile hospitality trailers are typically used by corporations in the private industry. To target the working population and general audience. With a vast variety of display options, menus and branding you are able to turn an Expandable catering trailer into the perfect marketing venture. With that said, being able to serve your menus at festivals, events, fairs or at trade markets is the ideal way to engage with your current and future customers.

Your own catering trailer allows you to prepare and serve your food, at multiple locations throughout the year. All in all, you can reach thousands of individuals, with your unique mobile restaurant. The Expandable experience is just like our trailers and our name – expandable. This means you can easily supplement your catering trailer with another one to complement it, like our event trailer. We strive for a high degree of customizability and modularity. Our products are all about facilitating the ideal experience you’d like your guests, visitors and customers to have.

Forge lasting memories

Our love of food is universal; it is a common language everyone speaks. That is why a valuable dining experience is so worthwhile! Wherever people go, wherever they are, it is their food experiences that stay with them the most. It is there that memories are forged! Both good and bad – you can probably remember a moment when you were standing in line way too long, waiting for sub-par food that costs too much. We are happy to provide an alternative experience!

This is something our catering trailers facilitate. Are you willing to create lasting memories for your guests? If so, then an Expandable catering trailer is just what the doctor ordered.

Catering trailer for sale at Expandable

Expandable trailers come in all shapes and sizes. But most importantly, they should be customizable for branding and large enough to fulfil your business’s catering needs. Luckily, we provide a uniquely designed Expandable trailer. That is suitable for any type of project.

Our catering trailers include:

  • A loading capacity of 165m³ (similar to conventional trailers)
  • Flat surface walking area of 65m² with plenty of room for catering equipment and decorations
  • Interchangeable walls to customize the container’s layout
  • A quick and convenient set-up in just 15 minutes
  • A modular approach that facilitates customizability
  • And much more!

In addition, our trailers come at the most affordable prices. They are only half the price of the catering trailers offered by our competitors in the industry!

Guarantee the highest possible quality

The Expandable catering trailer offers a unique culinary experience wherever you go. This means you can still receive guests on your terms, with all the best materials available, just like you want everything to be. Only this time, you can do this wherever you want it to! Whether that’s at a convention, a festival, market or fair – you know you can deliver the quality people deserve, regardless of other factors beyond your influence. Seize control of the ones you can control – get yourself a catering trailer!

Because of their portability and movability, you can meet your guests at an event instead of forcing them to come to visit you! Be the best version of your company you can be, and invite guests to experience this for themselves.

Expandable caters to your needs!

Expandable is all about trying out new things and sharing experiences and offerings with others. At Expandable, we are specialized in selling and manufacturing cutting-edge trailers and containers. We manufacture premium-quality expandable trailers in a timely manner. Expand your horizon today by investing in your new Expandable catering trailer!

Are you interested in your own Expandable, or do you have any questions? Please contact us so we can provide you with the information you need. If you want to get a demonstration of how our Expandables work, we gladly invite you to our facility located in Eersel, the Netherlands.

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Expandable catering trailer

Expandable trailer

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