Who is Berrie Rieswijk?

Berrie Rieswijk is sales and marketing director at Expandable Trailers. Having over 15 years of experience in various industries, Berrie has extensive expertise in the field of marketing and sales. He’s been with Expandable since March 2020.

Expandable specializes in designing and building attractive, movable spaces that are easy to set up. Our ambition is to provide affordable, relocatable spaces with high-quality, innovative technology, and within a relatively short timeframe.

Work experience

Before joining Expandable, Berrie held the position of Operations Manager at a large international manufacturing company in the clothing industry. Over his 7-year tenure there, he contributed to the development of new products and technologies, utilizing his expertise in manufacturing, packaging, and delivery to help the company grow. Hailing from a family involved in transportation, Berrie's affinity for the industry began during his time as a Transport Coordinator.


During his career, Berrie has acquired a wide range of skills, including marketing strategies, sales management, and product development. His adaptability and versatility have helped him construct a successful career and establish himself as a respected professional in his area.

With more than 16 years of experience in various leadership roles, Berrie Rieswijk has proven that he can make a valuable contribution to any company he is a part of. His passion for innovation, efficiency, and growth has helped him build a successful career.


"The future of space is flexibility, and at Expandable, we're committed to crafting versatile, modular environments that evolve with our clients' needs."

- Berrie Rieswijk, Sales and Marketing Director at Expandable

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