With a total length of 13.6 meters and a flat surface area of 62 m², the Expandable mobile trailer makes you forget you are in a movable space. The hydraulic platform at the rear makes for a welcoming entrance.

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Unleash the power of mobility and customization with the Expandable Container. Three sizes available, 25ft, 30ft, and 44ft, it doubles in square footage in just 20 minutes. It will lower itself to floor level by means of the four hydraulic support legs.

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The ultimate combination of container and trailer. The Expandable Hybrid can easily be transported by a standard low-deck truck. Once set up, the trailer has a floor height of 35 cm.

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All our units are designed around expandability and movability. Meaning that you can swiftly move your own uniquely customized Expandable to any location.

A modern expandable trailer with wheels, easily transportable and versatile in design.

Easy set up

We manufacture user-friendly movable spaces. You don’t have to be a technical expert to operate our Expandables, thanks to the user-friendly hydraulic system and our handy wireless remote control. 

A person effortlessly setting up an expandable trailer, highlighting its easy assembly process.

Expandable movable spaces


Our unique Expandables are constructed almost entirely from serially manufactured components, keeping construction costs low.

An attractive, budget-friendly expandable trailer that offers excellent value for money

Short delivery time

The efficient use of materials and systems allows us to considerably reduce manufacturing time, guaranteeing short delivery times while minimizing our global footprint.

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You can extend the volume of your Expandable to almost twice its size in less than 15 minutes by sliding both longitudinal sides outwards.

An expandable trailer unfolding to reveal its spacious and well-designed interior


The modular nature of Expandable products allows us to implement your very wish into the final design. Making sure the final product fits your needs is our guiding principle.

A customizable expandable trailer with various modular components and features, tailored to the user's preferences.
A spacious sports-themed expandable container, perfect for storing and transporting athletic equipment
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“Together we believe in a world of
movable spaces as accessible as possible.”

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